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Hoping I'm pregnant but unsure

Hi all, me and my husband have been trying to conceive and this month for the first time since trying, I'm 12 days late. My breasts feel very heavy, I'm cramping like my period is coming, I'm pretty emotional and I've gone off food. I've taken 3 tests 2 at 10 days late and 1 12 days late. Both the clear blue and the first response show nothing but the generic test shows a very faint line. The waiting is torture and these test can be pricey. Any help would be great! 


  • Did you just come off birth control?
  • I've been off birth control for 6 months and periods have been like clockwork. I know it takes my body a while to climatise after the pill which is why we waited. 
  • Did you use OPKs or BBT to track ovulation? 
  • The only thing I use is the Flo app. It's been pretty spot on the last few months. 
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    I would definitely recommend using an OPK or BBT to actually know when you ovulated. It’s hard to say exactly how late you are really without testing for OV. I always thought my apps were accurate too until I started OPKs and realized I ovulated 8 days later than the app predicted me to
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