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  • Weaning was always a pleasant experience for me. My little girl loved trying new foods and I loved seeing her expressions to different textures and tastes!
  • we started weaning by introducing bananas and grapes foods easy to digest which the baby tolerated well then we moved onto tin foods like pasta in sauce etc and other solids the process was slow but the kids tolerated it well
  • My boy started weaning at the age of 4 months he was a wee chubb and really enjoyed it we started off with heinz porridge in the morning and in no time he was on the little pots some he lapped up others he spat at me. We also were big fans of the flavoured biscuits great for an unhappy teething baby, mummy even had a minute for a cuppa. Then we went on to let him eat what we eat, let's just say it was easier feeding him from a jar he would not allow me to feed him safe to say there wasn't a part of my house that didn't get splattered 
  • I always expected weening to be messy!! Kids are just kids after all.
    The main thing I worry abiut is the sugar and sale content in foods. 
    Simple things like baked beans or spaghetti hoops are a hit but I do worry that what may be  hidden in their ingredients may be unhealthy for my little one!!
  • I was always worried I was doing it too early or late! I read every book going and asked lots of other parents and then decided to stop worrying and just go with the flow. Worked out a lot better to go at my own children's pace instead! 
  • My baby Is just over 6 months and the first time I tried to give her mashed banana, she gagged then vomited her previous feed up! The second time there were tears! You'd think I was trying to give her poison but I persevered and now she is a lot better. She's not keen on porridge but seems to tolerate mashed banana or mashed potato. Today I'm going to try avocado...we'll see how that goes! Also tried BLW which resulted in food on the floor for the dog who seems to be the only one enjoying the weaning experience. 
  • I found the thought of weaning was more daunting than the actual weaning itself. Our son started on baby rice and purées at 6 months and I slowly added pieces of toast and soft vegetables. He ate most things, only turning his nose up at the odd vegetable or fruit. Since he’s been on solids he has such a huge appetite. The struggle now is getting him to chew his food rather than just swallowing it quickly so he can get the next mouthful in! The pic is when he was 7 months old and eating his Christmas Dinner!! 
  • Our grand daughter Danielle loves her vegetables especially parsnips. The Heinz veggie range are wonderful :D 
  • I had a bit of a scary moment when weaning my daughter. It turned out she's extremely allergic to egg. She was about 7.5 months old when I gave her egg for the first (and last) time. It was very well cooked scrambled egg but did use both white and yolk. She had no signs of eczema, no other signs of allergy and I've got no food allergies, only thing is mild asthma and hayfever, so I definitely didn't place her as an at-risk baby. Fortunately, I knew it was a potential allergen so was sensible enough to give only the egg, nothing else so I could identify the cause. I of course wasn't expecting her to react but was watching her intently in case she did. At first she developed a hives type rash around her mouth. I called the health visiting team who said to keep an eye on her and check for swelling of the lips or tongue. I couldn't see any swelling but something didn't seem right. My daughter had started to become a bit agitated and started rubbing her eyes. I decided to take her to the bathroom to wash her hands and face but it was too late. The allergen had got into her eyes causing her face and eyelids to swell. I immediately called 111 who said I should go to children's A&E but that it'd be quicker to drive there myself. I hated that drive as you can imagine. My daughter had started to cry I guess from the discomfort and not knowing what was happening, but once in the car she cried less and with her in the back it was hard to check that she was still breathing ok. Fortunately the allergic response didn't get worse. My daughter was given piriton syrup which helped the swelling come down. She did have a secondary response over the next few days though, runny nose/cough. She's now under the management of an allergy specialist and we avoid all egg and products containing egg. It wasn't easy during weaning as many products for over 7/10 mo include egg white, especially pasta-based dishes. If this happens to you, my advice is make sure the hospital refer you to the allergy specialist. We were told to go to the GP but our GP then said the hospital should have done it and it would have been much quicker.
    After the event, I sometimes worry I did something wrong, like giving egg too early. But all my friends have since given egg around the same time with no issues. For most people, there won't be an issue, but just be prepared and stay calm if something does happen.
  • My little one was born super prem at 24wks, 6 days.  I was so so nervous of giving her food initially as I was told that her gag reflex wasn't the strongest.....well she proved me wrong, I was going to be one of those Mums that wouldn't give her chocolate until she was 2.......pls see picture for evidence that I didn't end up being one of those Mums.... Shes now addicted to chocolate!  hahahaha....of course  only as a treat after a balanced diet
  • I was so worried about my daughter choking. Or if the bits I have made were the right consistency. It's why I love jars like Heniz baby food so we can both start off easily and then move onto the next stage when we are ready and confident to. She loves her fruity jars.
  • I will never forget decorating the kitchen and then having to repaint over the spag bol
  • Weaning was fun, everything went in the mouth food or not! She loved spaghetti bolognese and broccoli, she also liked muscles, olives, lemons, pickled onions. I don't  think there was a food she didn't like.
  • My daughter always made a huge mess that I would try and feed her in the garden when I could! :)
  • I worry a lot about my daughter choking so I am paranoid about what food I give her.

  • I used to worry constantly about whether she’d eat! The best advice i was given was to stay calm and follow her lead. Now it’s a case of stopping her from eating all of OUR dinners too! 🤣
  • Baby breakfast cereal was the bane of my life with my first baby. She just wouldn't eat it whatever I did. I'd mix yogurt with it, mix pureed fruit with it. I ended up with a massive bowlful with everything I'd mixed in and she only ever ate a teeny bit. I don't know why I didn't give up to be honest. I was always in a rush as I was working full time at that point and I was desperate for her to eat something before leaving for the childminder's but she was having none of it. But now I know she is not a breakfast person full stop and whatever I gave her when she was a baby she probably wouldn't have eaten it at that time of the morning.
  • I started with baby rice then introduced a bit of puréed apple. I made all baby food by myself as was told that if I didn’t use a jar my child wouldn’t be a fussy eater. That was the biggest load of rubbish ever my child hit 1 and wanted beige food and not much else. It’s turned full circle and at 16 has become a vegetarian eating lots of colours but still awkward in not knowing what to make her 😂
  • I worry about food portion sizes, whether i give too much or too little. I love the suction plates that stick on the highchair. They are great for when my son tries to feed himself. 
  • My two have a marvellous knack of flinging their food just over the edge of the wipe clean mat beneath them. The mat ends up barely touched, while the carpet becomes more and more enriched with colour and pattern at every meal. My best advice to weaners - laminate.
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