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How common is bleeding whilst pregnant & taking aspirin?

I'm wondering how did everyone's pregnancies go in terms of taking the aspirin? Did anyone take aspirin during their pregnancy and also bleed?

I'm 4 weeks pregnant and been advised to take aspirin due to blood clotting disorder. Since the day of taking aspirin (well the same night) I started spotting and bleeding after a couple of days but has now ended. The bleeding lasted a week. But I've assumed it leaded to a another miscarriage due to the bleeding. EPU have took my bloods to check hgc levels and are going to contact me with the results. From doing some research it seems it can be quite common to bleed whilst taking aspirin during a pregnancy. The nurse did say it can be quite common as the aspirin thins the blood, which can make a little bit of blood look alot more than it actually is. I'm hoping there is a chance of a positive outcome. Please share your stories if you can relate.


  • Hi do u mind me asking how did things go for u with the asprin I'm on it now n only 4 weeks pregnant xx
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