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Is there any chance this is a viable pregnancy?

Story so far:
At 6 weeks I had some bleeding after a jog, reddish in colour. went for a checkup, they could see “maybe a sac, 5mm” in my uterus. Bloods showed HGC 1400 which only rose to 1600 after two days. “Weird” they said. They were expecting it to decrease, in line with miscarriage, as they didn’t see anything in the “maybe sac”. Scan again in a week or so they said. I felt very sure I was waiting for the miscarriage to start. Brown discharge nearly every day, to some degree. No clots. 
Dancing two nights ago, had a gush of blood before bed. Red in colour. Passed a small clot the next morning. Back to brown discharge ever since. No cramping, but began feeling nauseous yesterday. 

I have endometriosis and my periods are always deathly heavy with bad pain and clots. 

This isn’t what I thought a miscarriage would be like. What are my odds of the little bean still being there??


  • I think your little is fighting. It sounds like a threatened mc, which is not definitive. I would suggest going easy for a while, so dont strain urself in any way, leave all energy to your Wee one. I hope for nice heartbeat at ur next scan. Otherwise, I never experienced anything like that so I can't answer your question, I only had pure mcs. 
  • thanks for your message, you’re right, no more jogging or dancing! I’m so hopeful, we’ve been ttc for 18 months 
  • I understand you, I'm training kickboxing and exercising with weights... I'm not planning to stop if I get pregnant again, but because I mced again (yday) I may make a break for first couple weeks until everything settles. 
  • I’m so sorry to hear about your mc yesterday. Thoughts are with you 
  • Thank you, I will pray for ur well being! Stay positive, ur little bean needs all the support. 
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