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Advice for TTC after MC

I recently had a MC, I was 5+4 when it happened, I bled for 10 days, I'm now waiting for first cycle to TTC again, is this too early to try again on my first cycle, the doctor I dealt with said have one cycle before trying again, I just don't know if this seems to early and insensitive, although I really do want to try asap, also wondering how peoples cycles have been after? And if the conceived and had a healthy pregnancy, I'm so worried and nervous to try again after this, there is just so much running through my head at the moment


  • I have recently had one myself and mine was at 9 weeks the midwife told me to wait till I stopped bleeding and that I could try again I asked if I needed to wait for a period and she said no can start straight away however I do know some people have been told to wait for a period and then to try but I think that’s more so because that way they can work out due date and things like that xx
  • Hi, thanks for replying hun, I rang my early preg assessment unit who dealt with me during misscarriage and they have given green light to try again after looking over my scans and blood results xx
  • Awww that’s really good news!! Happy you can now try again all the best hun and hopefully soon you’ll get your rainbow baby xxx
  • hi becky, i too had a miscarriage at 5 weeks, last month. i only bled for 3 days with cramps. i ovulated on CD11-13 i think and am just waiting now. ill be 14dpo on Saturday . i tested as your know as you replied on my other post but i think its an evap line so well see. 
  • There is no medical reason to not try immediately after mc if it was early one without dc, sometimes they suggest to wait for dating purposes only. I mced early, I track bbt, so ovulated at cd11 got pregnant with my son (1yo) Now I mced again early, I ovulated at cd19 had longer cycle when usual, then I ovulated at cd16 fell pregnant,  but mced again few days ago. I'm considering a break now coz I just gave birth year ago, Now got two mcs I had been sick for a month and my b12 injection is due soon. I think my body needs a bit of regenerTion this time.
  • I've been tracking with ovulation tests and not had a positive yet, and not had my usual sore breasts after ovulation, so I haven't missed it yet I don't think, so hoping I do ovulate again soon, but as far as I'm aware you can be messed up for sometime after MC, really hope I do ovulate again this month yes @Leah658 keep me posted when you test again, praying for your BFP! Oh @MadDoda it sounds like you've had an awful time lately, I'm so sorry for your losses, deffinatley do what you think is best for you and I'm hoping you feel well soon
  • Thanks, but remember that what u feel may not be the same after mc. U may not feel ov and u may not have pms or may have worst ones. Fingers crossed it will go back to normal quickly. Which CD are u
  • Forgot the most important, did u confirm hcg is gone? And from my experience, which may not be a rule , longer bleed later ov. I'm sure u will catch it soon.
  • I bled for 3 days. After about a week I took a test which was negative 
  • Can I ask you all something? I had a d&c 3 weeks ago yesterday when will I expect a period? Xx
  • @HannahC123 it's impossible to say. If u would track ovulation,  you could figure it out, bit otherwise it may be in a week or 3months.
  • Oh wow so I’ll not really know then, I just thought my cycle would return after a month but maybe not xx
  • I never had dc,  but I had 3 mcs, every time cycle is different. But Max was 33 days!! Hopefully it will not be longer for u.
  • Yes I tested 1 week after having bloods done from hospital confirming a fall in HCG and I had a negative test, also tested again one week after the 2st test (advised by hosp) and both neg, sorry Hannah I can't help on that side of  I'm just so confused myself over it, hopefully we all get our cycles back soon xx
  • I’ve done tests and like within the first two weeks was still showing positive but now there negative she did advise me to start trying straight after I stopped bleeding and surprisingly I only bled for 5-6 days which shocked me, how long has it been since you guys mc’d? It’s just like trying to get your body back to normal but not knowing when or the best way that I’m struggling with xx
  • First mc I got awhile ago and I conceived my son straight after before my period, I ovulated at cd11, very fast. Second I had about 2months+ ago,  I ovulated at cd19 had 33 day cycle. Now I ovulated at cd16 and mced again on Saturday. I trust bbt the most I fall pregnant 4 times out of 5 I used bbt.
  • Hannah I had mc at 7 weeks bled for four days. my cycle was back to normal within a month but I remember my midwife saying something along the the lines of  physically I was OK to start ttc straight away but that mentally only I would no when I was ready. It definitely puts a different spin on things. Good luck xx
  • @MadDoda wow that’s so emotional literally brought me to tears bless you how far were you with each pregnancy will they investigate this now for you? Really sorry you’ve had to go through all that xxx 
    @MCT86 that’s very similar to my situation I mcd at 9 weeks and had the surgery 3 weeks ago but like I said very minimal short bleeding they said the same to me and tbh I didn’t think I’d mentally be fit to try again but strangely I am, can I ask if you managed to get pregnant after your mc or when you started trying? Xx
  • Hi hannah we decided to wait a while and have actually just started last month ttc again. I fell pregnant with dd after just one month and only actually had unprotected sex once perfect pregnancy etc so when I had mc it was like I came crashing down to earth with a big bang. 
  • @MCT86 oh gosh that’s so sad :( really is, I would just love to know why they happen and if there was anything to prevent these awful things from happening xx
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