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Anyone get pregnant with borderline underactive thyroid and have a healthy baby?

My thyroid is 5.5 which is borderline underactive, I think im pregnant ( faint positive)  got doc appointment this week just worried about my thyroid and miscarriage and birth defects?!  Anyone have underactive and everything was fine?


  • I got hashimotos, it's constant battle with clueless drs. Norm for tag is a lot lower in pregnancy, u need to start taking levatyroxine as soon as possible as thyroid can cause mcs.
  • Got docs on Thursday just feel worried, is 5.5 that underactive as I don't have any symptoms and they are never worried but I don't trust doctors!
  • U may not feel some symptoms, but it doesn't mean u have some which u don't normally feel. I get my bp up when my thyroid goes bad. And I never feel it, I measure twice a day. I have birth early coz of bp which rise just before midwife app at 37weeks and was 180/135 . Thyroid is extremely important and can cause many abnormalities. Ofc it also depend which type if thyroid disease u have, I got autoimmune thyroid, which is worse coz of autoantibodies. Some doctors aren't aware of lower tsh norm in pregnancy, so make sure u mention that in case they don't. I don't remember how much is it, but it could have been 2.5. 
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