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Due in January 2020 - Part 3

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Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in January 2020 - Part 2 peeps, as Part 2 is approaching the 1k post limit.

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  • Oh Rainbow that’s awful. I am the same, lower back and hips instead of neck but really stiff and achey this time which I just didn’t have at all before so I’m a total grump recently! Did have our private scan though and had some lovely pictures and videos which cheered me right up x
  • I've found a few times I've gotten a really bad stitch in my lower belly, to the point where I struggle to walk. I'm finding the pressure on my lower belly is stronger and much earlier than my last pregnancy, I'm already walking around cradling underneath it sometimes and I'm only 25 weeks! Last time it didn't get too bad until at least 32 weeks. Thinking I might have to invest in a pregnancy belt to help ease some of the pain 😫
  • Aww did you have the scan recently I have no more scans now unless I get gestational diabetes (testing on the 9th) which is strange for me as I've always had the growth scan through pregnancy but they said I dont need them so a little gutted I may not see baby till shes here 

    I've caved in and rang the doctors cant cope with this pain for much longer 😂 they said it's safe to use deep heat and hes prescribed some codeine it's my daughters 9th birthday today aswell and just feel like I cant move 😔 so hoping these will help and I can get moving around and sorter for her coming home from school xx
  • We got this lovely one of a little wave from our private scan. I have a growth scan booked on 28th Oct which will be nice too s as nd my GTT is on 12th but baby is average growth this time so hoping there’s nothing to worry about x
  • I'm having growth scans too at the beginning of November will get to see baby again. Aw that is such a good scan photo ninja! 
    I'm having trouble sleeping at the moment I wake up at 3 and then that's me until my alarm goes off for work ☹ theres a lot going on at work, quite stressful and some sad news which may be contributing.
     I've bought myself a lovely fetching compression belt to help with my variscosties. It's worth the money even though I was reluctant to buy but glad I have as I can stand for at least another 3 hrs in the day without pain. 
    It looks like a jock strap 🙈 my husband is a lucky guy 🤣
  • He is lucky he doesn’t have to do what we have to do to have wee babies!! 
  • Hi girls how are you all? I also have growth scans, I've got my first on Thursday and then another 4 weeks later. Hopefully baby will behave and let them get the correct measurements. At the 20 weeks scan, we had to be rebooked at 23 weeks so the could see her face as she wouldn't move lol.

    Have you all chosen names for baby? I'm struggling to find one that sparkles to me yet 🙁. So hard! 
  • Names are a real struggle. Any suggestions for little boy names are gratefully received!! X
  • I have a Wyatt, Kayden and a Ronan. I like the unusual/not so common names, although Kayden is a common name now lol. I think Harrison is a lovely name for a boy too.

    What type of names do you prefer? Old, new, common?

  • Where are you at right now with names @Ninjabunni so we can offer some more? 
    Also, no idea if this will help, but here's some articles on baby names. Has anyone else decided on a name of get their short list ready? 
  • I love Ronan. Husband not so keen.
    i like lots of names from common ones like Harry, Charlie, Jack etc to less common like Flynn Fletcher and Regan. 
    Husband likes Ford (with my surname it’ll sound like a type of car) Henderson, Eric, Aldo and Ivo 🙈 so huge gap in what we like! 
    Our little boy is called Connor so it’s trying to find something that compliments that! 
  • I think we are finally set on the name everleigh rose shes had quite alot so far 😂 but I'm having a girl 
    I was struggling to think of boys names too I also think Ronan is a lovely name 

    Nothing really to report here I've had abit of lower belly pain which seems to have settled and I often get pins and needles in my hands my backs finally on the mend from the pulled muscle I could only take the codine on the first day as it made me feel very sick 

    Got my gtt appointment wednesday and midwife the 24th I think 

    Love your scan pic ninjabunni I want to see mine again but if everything stays the same for me I'll not be having anymore unless I go private which I doubt will happen with the run up to christmas and birthdays to sort xx

  • Hello ladies , I've just finished a 13 hour shift working on a busy hospital ward and I feel like my fuffie is on fire. It honestly feels like I've been carrying a bowling ball between my legs the pain is unreal. Does anyone ever have this. I'm only 24 weeks my partner thinks it's that's that pubic thing I can't remember  the name but I'm going to see midwife next week il mention it then 😭 xxxx
  • That sounds painful @#jules# hope it's not so bad this morning it may be with you being on your feet for such a long time if it hasn't settled ring your midwife and ask her rather than waiting till next week I've noticed the lower tummy pain again last night it feels abit like stitch low down dont know if it's when I sit down for the night all the aches start didnt feel it through the day and everytime it's been evening xx
  • Well ladies, today my husband told me my ankles looked fat and that I was (and I quote) 'getting huge. Definitely bigger than last time'. 😑 he tried to pass it off as a joke just to get a rise out of me but I am officially selling him and starting over as a single woman.

    He's not wrong, my belly is huuuuge, BUT this time around it's more of a belly pregnancy, whereas last time I gained weight all over. It's already mildly painful to lug it around and I'm only 26 weeks! I'll need a shelf to rest it on by the end, I'm sure 🤣

    On the plus side, my maternity leave officially starts in 6 weeks. I'm finishing earlier than planned because I honestly can't be bothered working lol. We are also coming into summer so I'd like to spend as much time as I can with our son before our little girl comes along. Luckily my work offers generous maternity leave payments so we can afford to have me finish up early 🙌
  • Oh loss that sounds amazing! I’m 27 weeks and the same as you, not as big in general as I was with my first but definitely feeling the weight of the bump more, think my poor c sectioned muscles just aren’t as strong as they used to be! My mat leave starts in 11 weeks and I’m very excited about it!!
  • Im really big as well @lozzz I feel her pressing on me all the time. She's really active and I'm struggling at work doing the 12 hour shifts. My maternity leave starts in 8 weeks and I'm counting the days by. I can't wait to just wash all her baby grows and start nesting properly. I'm so excited for her coming I keep imaging her in all her cute little outfits and I'm forever dissapearing into her bedroom to look through all her things. It's such an exciting time 😊💕 xxxx
  • Aww @#Jules# that's what I was doing last night looking through all her little clothes even was starting to think what to take to hospital 

    Just finished paying the pushchair off today eeekk cant wait for it to arrive 

    Had my gtt test this morning said they will have the results tomorrow morning and will call me if they need to if I dont hear from them means it's fine xx
  • Don’t know if it helps but I’ve just received a pair of knee high boots from Simply Be that are a gorgeous fit round my slightly swollen calves! They come in 4 calf widths so you can make sure they fit the whole way to the end of pregnancy. I lived in mine last pregnancy. Leggings and boots through the winter for the win! 
    Lol re reading this and it sounds like an advert which I promise it isn’t, just thought I’d pass it on cause I find it so hard to get comfy knee boots! X
  • Hi everyone, I was panicking as not received any email notifications...didn’t realise we had a new thread! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 
    3 months to go for us all I can’t believe it. Next scan for me is private 4D scan on 27th October, can’t wait to see him again 💙
    Hope you are all well XX 
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