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HCG after misscarriage

Hi everyone, I had an early miscarriage around 6 weeks ago, I'm finally having my first period since, does this mean my HCG levels have returned to 0 now I'm having a period and will ovulate again? Thanks xx


  • Yes your hcg should be back to 0 now. You can’t ovulate with hcg still in your system so are unlikely to of restarted your cycle if u still had it in your system if that makes sense. I’m still waiting for mine to go back down- Iv been told to POAS 3 weeks following my surgical management to make sure it’s negative and am hoping il ovulate again shortly after that x
  • Hi @MrsH02 Thank you for replying, I was also told to take a hpt 1 week after and 3 weeks after which I did and were both negative, i was just having abit of confusion with the doctors as last Fri they took a urine sample with tested + for HCG but then I started my period, they are saying it was traces from last misscarriage so I'm just really hoping its all out of my system now to start TTC again x
  • Well good luck to you. I hope you get your bfp soon and a sticky one.
    I’m still testing positive which is driving me mad! I do think the lines are starting to get lighter now as previously were dye stealers. I won’t be testing now until weds when it’s been 2 weeks x
  • Very bittersweet but I hope you get your negative soon, so you can try again Hun, it's a horrible situation but I really hope you get you rainbow xx
  • thank you @BeckyL24, you too x 
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