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2 days late!!positive test, previous miscarriage

So I'm now two days late making me 4 weeks and 2 days if all goes well, I had a miscarriage back in June was awful after already having 3 children hit me like a ton of bricks!!!
But I've done a few different makes of home tests and picture is the most recent!!!and Its alot stronger then my past tests 🤞
I'm on edge everytime I go toilet and think il go docs in 2 weeks to get it confirmed and see if he will book me an early scan to help me settle my nerves and make sure all is going ok!!


  • Hi your story sounds very similar to mine, I also had a miscarriage late June I also have 3 children already and I'm still trying to conceive am 2 days late which never happens but negative test... So so frustrating and worrying not knowing what's going on, your test looks positive!?!? X
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