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When should my period come after miscarrige.

Sorry guys i had a miscarriage at 4 weeks on 25th september i want to know when roughly ill get my period i took a test and it came up with faint line i dont know wether im pregnant again or ive tested early .


  • Did u confirm negative hcg after u stopped bleeding? It's very important coz hcg can stay in system for weeks sometimes. U can't ovulate with hcg in ur system. Therefore it's impossible to say when u expect ur period. Ur cycles will be irregular now,  mc messes everything up. 
  • I bled for 3 weeks after my misscarriage (misscarriage blood obviously not period), I was told my period may take up to 2 months to come after the bleeding stops however it came 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped so around 5 weeks after the misscarriage started x
  • FYI I was also told to take a test a month after the misscarriage and if it came back positive to contact my GP or EPU as I would require blood tests to determine if I was pregnant again or still had hormones x
  • I took a test 2 weeks after i miscarried n it was negative x
  • I was only 4 weeks i had a scan and the nurse said there wasnt much left inside me i took 4 pills to get the rest out 
  • can you see anythink its very faint had this yeaturday x
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