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First trimester August to October.



  • CONGRATULATIONS @Sunshine8888!!! What wonderful news! Great picture!!
  • Thanks @Rockinmom2, I feel so happy! 😀
  • @Sunshine8888 what fab pic! I have mine tomorrow and im a little nervous yet so excited. Hoping all is well so we xan spread the news..... its driving me mad not chatting to people about it! 
  • @Sunshine8888 That’s so awesome! A sweet little baby girl! 
  • So as most people are I’m super nervous for my scan it’s a week today, I had a scan at 6+4 and everything all good heartbeat strong etc but does anyone no what the chance of having a mmc is after that I’m loosing sleep about it although I still have all my symptoms strong x
  • Once you've seen a heartbeat the risk is very low so try not to worry. 
  • Much lower risk once you’ve seen a heartbeat 💓 @Lilsivin - not long to go until you see your little one again x
  • Good luck @natty2017! Let us know how you get on ☺️
  • @natty2017 how did your appointment go? 
  • How’s everyone doing? Not much to report here. 13 weeks today and anxious to start the 2nd trimester. Finally! Because I am overweight I have to have a glucose test at my next appointment on Tuesday. I hate them and am not looking forward to it. I’ve never had any problems with gestational diabetes with my previous pregnancies, I’m hoping this one is the same. 
  • Was so manic with family and work today only just got around to posting! 

    The little bugger wouldnt stretch out so couldnt get a proper measurement.. got to go next week again for a dating scan.
  • Ahh @natty2017 my little girl was misbehaving too. I had to run around the carpark and jump up and down for ten minutes 😂 she then fell asleep and they could get all the measurements! At least you know baby is ok and you get to see it again next week which is always a bonus! X

  • @Rockinmom2, I’ve got an awful cold so I’m not loving life! Plus the tiredness and sickness is still awful especially in the evenings 🤢 when does it get better! 

    I’ll probably be overweight after this pregnancy with the amount I’m eating 🙈
  • @natty2017 what a great picture and bonus that you get to go back for another! Glad it went well
  • @Sunshine8888 that sucks you’re not feeling better yet, and a cold on top of it! Hopefully you can get some rest. 
    I’ve got much more energy than I did a few weeks ago, but by early afternoon it’s gone and I’m lazy the rest of the day. I still feel nauseous early morning a few times a week and most nights right before bed. But it’s much better than it was, so I’m really grateful haha. I would expect to feel pretty close to normal in the next few weeks sometime. 
  • I think I’ve felt the worse the last two days ... my boobs have calmed down abit but my nausea and sickness is worse. I have my scan on Monday and I’m getting so anxious even tho I was only scanned about 3 weeks ago and everything was ok 
  • Do you think it’s ok to have a glass of wine now I’m in the second trimester? My midwife said a unit week wouldn’t harm but I haven’t dared! I do really miss wine though 
  • I personally believe that pregnancy should be a 0 alcohol time but have known people to drink a glass or half a pint of Guinness (lots of iron I believe).
  • I agree about no alcohol in pregnancy but that’s my personal preference @Sunshine8888 I also knew someone who tried to drink a glass when she was pregnant and it made her so sick
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