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Still feeling very sick after D&C - is this normal?

AmnxAmnx Regular
edited Oct 30, 2019 9:40AM in Miscarriage & pregnancy loss
i had a d&c on monday and am still feeling really sick, is this normal or should i seek advice?
i am still bruised but i expect that normal. 
Thanks x


  • Hi, I'm so sorry for ur loss. How far along were u? Is it just sick what u feel is us there anything else? 
  • Hiya
    thank you
    well i went for my 12 week scan 21st october to be told the sac has carried on growing but no baby.
    had a d&c 28th october
    i feel sick and bruised still and cramps which i know the cramps will be normal. 
    I am guessing they injected my stomach while asleep which im guessing is what the bruising is for. 
    I havent actually vomited but feel very sick majority of the time even when trying to sleep x
  • Well if u were that far u may still have a lot of hcg. Then there is anestetic which can make u sick. I never had dc so can't be certain, but I'm sure it would do no harm to call and ask if u are worried. I hope u will feel better soon
  • I think if i still feel it the end of the week i will give them a call, could be a bit of anxiety too. 
    I am waiting for my discharge notes as i discharged myself early.
    Thankyou x
  • Hi hun I had a mc at 9 weeks but found out at my 12 week scan . It’s such an earth shattering shock and it will take time to get over . Mine was nearly three months ago but it still hits me now and again although it’s more bearable for sure then those first weeks where you feel the worst pain ever. 
    I didn’t feel sickness and bled for a week after D&C  had cramps like a period . As maddoda says I’d ring the unit where you had the op to have a check up or discuss. I’m sure it’s fine and could be a combination of shock , pain, hcg together. Do you have a temperature or anything like odd discharge  ? Lots of love and pm me if you want direct support . ❤️
  • HiYa
    thankyou for your message, its my 2nd mc in 6 months but the first happened naturally, this time we went for d&c
    i am bleeding lightly still getting a bit of cramping on and off and am quite bruised on the outside which is sore.
    i dont think ive got a temperature but i havent got a thermometer to confirm that. I havent got odd discharge either just some bits of like black with the bleeding sometimes when i wipe.
    how are you after these few months har passed?xx
  • Hopefully it will pass then as hopefully no sign of infection 🤞but definitely ring unit if no change by next week.
    im ok I’m ttc which helps focus but i think about her every day really , I saw her heartbeat and found out she was a girl so it feels quite hard still but I’m ok thanks for asking ❤️
  • How are you and your oh feeling? X
  • Yeah i hope so
    and yeah i will ring if no change by next week definitely. 
    Awww thats awful that you even found out the sex😔 do you have any children yet?
    im glad you are feeling mostly okay. 
    Im all over the place im down keep crying to myself when hes not around, im angry i just dont know how to feel really. 
    OH isnt one to really show much when hes upset i think he trys for me to be strong but i guess they arent ever as attached as we are, are they. He was so shocked and gutted when we went for the scan to find nothing there. Hes back to work tomorrow x
  • I keep getting this come out it looks like skin to me, does anyone know if its normal. Sorry for the pic x
  • Firstly, I’m really sorry for your loss. I’ve had a d and c and they did say you could get little clots. I wasn’t unwell after it but I did bleed. It’s hard to tell from the picture. If you’re worried, I work phone them up or your gp. Xxx
  • Hiya
    its not clots its hard to tell from the photo but it looks like skin to me, i dont know if thats possible lol. 
    I feel lifeless and really achy and bruised still but i dont know if this is normal or not so was going to leave it another day or so and then call up. Xx
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