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TTC hoping for a BFP in November! - Part 2

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Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the TTC hoping for a BFP in November peeps, as the earlier thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

Enjoy! And wishing you all super baby dust. 


  • @KKlou definitely try a frer. Digitals aren’t sensitive enough x
  • @kklou what dpo are you?
  • @MadDoda called them just now. She advised to have a home pregnancy test again (definitely gonna try frep tomorrow morning)
    She is saying as i was ovulating on clomid before and this was my first clomid after tubal check it very unlikely that clomid is not working for me any more , also she has told me that they wait atleast 6 weeks before getting medication for withdrawal period. Lets see how it goes.
  • Am I being silly but what’s a frer test? I don’t know how many days post Ov really but I think I ovulated between cycle day 20 & 25 ish.
  • Just a first response test- they’re more
  • @KKlou ah right ok and what cycle day are you now?
  • I can’t wait for everyone to start testing 😩
  • @kiaraj fingers crossed! 

  • @RememberToBreathe Good morning! How are you?
    I’m ok thanks, think I slept funny because I’ve got a sore shoulder. Had so many weird dreams too. Could do with another sleep to get over it!! 
  • @dd1001 I’m on cycle day 37 now

  • @KKlou make sure you get the “early response” first response test! I once accidentally got the other one that said “fast results” and found it was really not sensitive. 

    @dd1001 anxiously awaiting some answers 👀
  • Morning everyone! 
    Just a little hello from me so I can stay with u all. 
    It’s rather shit not being part of the TTC just now I just feel in limbo.
    I don’t have the added stress that it brings but knowing am away to Ov and it’s completely wasted is so annoying! 
    Fingers crossed for next cycle.
    Hoping to see a few BFP’s soon from you guys to keep me going 
  • @Aliciab90

    i won’t be going to the shop today will try get one tomorrow and test again. This waiting is driving me insane.

  • @dd1001

    have you taken a test yet?

  • @Aliciab90 haha I promise I’ll update you all later. Still no af or any signs and boobs still v sore so something is happening or not in sync or whatever!

    @KKlou yep still a bfn! Tried different brands too. 

    @Cloudrainbow sorry to hear about af 😕 be kind to yourself and enjoy a nice glass of wine. 
  • @MissM2203 it must be really frustrating but it chance is coming up very quickly. Would be nice u succeed straight away
  • @dd1001

    still in the running the !
    i had cramps cycle day 24 onwards which made me think AF was on its way even though being irregular atm means I don’t actually know when AF will show. Then got super sore boobs and slightly darker nipples and didn’t think anything of it until I started feeling really queasy. 

    I just read online the cheap boots strips which I’ve used twice are very reliable and the likelihood of it being two false positives is very slim. So I’m going to wait again until tomorrow and try a different test and see what happens then 

  • @KKlou yeah I’ve just not felt right but don’t know if that’s just in my head or Due to hormones been all over the place - something isn’t right and without positive test I just don’t know! 

    Defo with you having 2 faint positives both v unlikely to be false positives but mine have been clear and obvious bfn not even a hint of second line.
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