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SOOO HOT!!!! in need of beautiful summer dresses...

but from where?

any ideas ladies this heat is killing and not able to drag around every whole shop any one bought themsleves a nice loose little number... something along the lines of a tent? lol

and where did you get it! i am hugh! and only going to get bigger... please help! lol xx :lol::lol:imageimage


  • I know how you feel!! I'm still in bloody jeans and feel like a mad woman for wearing them but I have nothing that fits me now.

    I think i'm going to take a trip down to primark and just buy the bigger sizes cuz they're really cheap and I'm not going to wear them for long. I'll pick up some long floaty skirts and stretchy vest tops I think. If they have any nice dresses that don't look frumpy on me I might get them too!!

    Won't go mothercare or anything now...too expensive and giving birth early next month (6th) being induced. Then I'll be wearing baggy trackie bottoms and t-shirts and look sooo attractive!! lol

  • NewLook have got some great cropped linen maternity trousers in white and black. The only nice summer dresses I've seen were in the Jojomamanbebe catalouge, bit pricey though. I would think that ASDA and Tesco are probably worth a try for long, loose tops.
    Kerry xx
  • Hi hun, my friend has lent me 2 beautiful maxi dresses that I am living in at the moment. One is from warehouse and one is from french connection which I know are a bit pricey but they are gorgeous dresses that are not maternity so can be worn afterwards also. They are really comfy and perfect for this weather.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hiya,just a quick pop into your chat,has anyone tried,vertbaudet they are fab,great maternaty wear,great prices,not frumpy as its all french and the baby stuff is adorable!ive used them for most of my things,just look on web go vertbaudet.x
  • they have a couple summery dresses on next online. I'm not due till august and ordered two to keep me going but they're too big at the moment! Were ??25 each so not cheap, but its all i've bought so plan to wash and wear and live in them when i'm really big! Have a few cheapy primark and peacocks things too, but they're not so tent like so will need the next dresses later for sure..x
  • Dorothey Perkins have long summer skirts that although not maternity they have elasticated waist band so can fit nicely under the bump. I got one the other day and its a God send, I did have to go up a size but it still looks great. New Look also have some tops that again are not maternity wear but because they are loose from the bust down you can get away with it if you go up a size. Im 34 weeks and hugh and still managed to get ones that fit.
  • Have been dragging hubby round town today on the same mission. I tried on a few skirts in dorothy perkins but they made me look HUGE. I was gutted and wouldn't buy them! I've got some 3/4 length jeans from next and a skirt from debenhams (red herring range). I also got a few things from primark in a bigger size.

    Good luck looking!

  • im 37 weeks now and thought i wouldnt bother buying anymore maternity wear , but it was so hot yesterday , so went and got a nice wrap round dress in debenhams , red herion ??25 but well worth it, obv im massive but its not to frumpy, probably going to live in it now
  • I had some dresses I bought last year form GUS, not maternity but really cool and airy, the only prblem is the front is being lifted a bit, but managed to get some leggings to go underneath from peacocks, not mat but very high waist, and they sell 3 mat vest tops for ??8 so got some of them too, to wear at home, they maybe a 10/12 and small leggings but still feel fat and frumpy in them, don't want to scare anyone wearing them out and about LOL
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