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TTC after miscarriage

Hello, I’m looking for some advice. I came off the pill in July and fell pregnant after 2 cycles. Me and my OH were over the moon, with 6 BFP we couldn’t believe how fast it happened! I then start to have a small amount of brown discharge here and there at 4+5 weeks then on 5+2 days I had some bright red blood and tiny clots but again it was nothing compared to a period and the bright red blood was only spotting on and off for 2 days max! I went to the hospital who said it was most likely implantation bleeding as it was very light and I was experiencing no pain what so ever! They took a urine and blood test which both came back positive. The next day I received a call from the EPU to say there’s not much they can do and I was to wait a week then take another test. I couldn’t wait so I took 2 tests then next day 5 mins apart the first one was a very faint positive and 2nd one was a BFN, I waited until the next day and had 2 BFN again. I felt devastated and so did my partner, i went to see my dr who said yes I had probably had a natural MC! Anyway 3+3 weeks on and I feel pregnant again we have been BD every other day since MC, just took a test and it was a BFN again :( has anyone here MC with only spotting? And how long did it take yous to conceive after MC, any advice appreciated xx


  • I had MC with no pain and small bleeding.
    After first MC I waited for Af and got pregnant that cycle, but had a MC again... After that I got pregnant first cycle again but unfortunate had another mc... We decided to have a break so I can recover physically and mentally... Waited 3 month, but Once we forgot about protection. Nd I become pregnant with healthy baby who is 4 month now.
    SOS in basic math I had 4 pregnancies In 6-month
  • I’m so sorry to hear that, I’m struggling with one so don’t know how you coped with 3 miscarriages but so happy you got your happy ending! X
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