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is any one else?

hiya girlies and bumps! hope everyones ok!
just wondering if its just me or is anyone else gettin really annoyed waiting to meet their little one..
ive got less then 8 weeks left but i really want it now lol.. its going quite fast but not fast enough lol xxx


  • Hi, i know what you mean! lol

    even though this one is my 5th, i'm 17+5wks and have my 20wk scan booked in 3 wks time but i went and paid ??79 today to find out the sex when i could have waited til 3 wks!!!! I can't wait to have this one and already thinking about another!
  • aww bless.. yeah i keep asking my oh when we gonna have another.. i cant wait. he keeps telling me to wait until i got this one out first. OOOOOOHHHH i want it nowwwwwww xxx
  • :x yes yes yes i'm so sick of waiting. im due in 2 days but not a single sign that he wants to join the world yet! i wont lie though, the past 3 weeks have felt more like 10 weeks. ARGH!!!!!
  • oh dear. that must be the worst thing.. being that close and nothings happening.. im dreading that bit.

    but i still dont believe in less then 8 weeks im gonna have a baby lol xxx
  • yeah i know how your feeling i have 4 weeks and 2 days left till my due date and im going crazy at the moment x
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