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December ladies!



  • It’s normal to spot isn’t it? Or is the same pattern as last times? Can you get to GP ? X 
  • @MadDoda try and hold on, is the spotting bad?
  • Can you phone them now see if they can help you?
  • I don't care anymore. It's not bad yet, but it's bright. I just know it. Fuck gp. Useless morons. Gonna do hpt later, dh will get it for me. 

    I don't believe spotting Is normal for me. Only when I mc , that's how it always starts. 
  • They are useless sorry , can you try and get emergency appointment with private gp or a fertility clinic do run tests in case anything can be done . Where do you live I can google and try and help x
  • I’m hoping it’s all fine and just normal spotting hun but also would be happy I someone could check you over x
  • I called gp. Waiting for call back, trying to use my head to think straight. It's earlier than ever before. I think I was right from the beginning and autoantibodies are screwing this. Will let u know
  • You may have what my sister had she was unfortunately seeing her pregnancy as an invader and she went on steroids and some other meds and she had three pregnancies straight after , it was an auto immune response I think they said x I really hope it’s normal spotting but would suggest reading up on what meds you could take and tell the doctor what you need rather than wait for them to suggest xxx big hugs xxx
  • I am exactly talking about that. In autoimmune thyroid,  autoantibodies attack tsh receptors in thyroid, hcg receptors on corpus luteum are very similar and those autoanibodies can attack them instead causing,  hcg signal not to pass allowing cl to degenerate and that stops producing progesterone leading to early loss. Easiest way is to prescribe progesterone and maintain pregnancy artificially through first trimester until placenta takes over. However in this country they are too stupid to get that. Steroids are alternative, but if cl is already degrading then steroids will not help. Coz they suppress immune system. Steroids aren't the best thing to do unless it's necessary and it has to be done sooner. 

    I just spike with gp, more reasonable than the one yday. When I presented her with my knowledge she had no answer, but she still isn't allowed to prescribe progesterone, but she got pregnant unit to contact me and suggested to talk to them about this. So will see, waiting for call. My thyroid results were excellent. I never had such good results. 
  • Why can’t she prescribe it?? Where did you do your progesterone blood test can you call them ?? X
  • Coz nhs is against it! 
    I'm waiting for call I can't call anywhere until then. 

    It's different this time, is early and I still feel pregnant. I feel i will mc but I also feel it can be saved. 
  • I could register post you some of my pessaries after work today would it get there tomorrow ? 
  • Dunno, by first class maybe. I dunno if I will last till tomorrow. I don't anything anymore. I'm scared to go pee lol
  • PRivate message me your address I can send enough to get you to next week x 
  • Congratulations ladies , hope you dont mind me joining in ? Seems like your all around the same amount of weeks , I'm 6+1 and have a scan on Monday due to multiple miscarriages,  but fingers crossed everything is okay , sending you all the best of luck in your pregnancies xx
  • Oh god! I will get passeries!!!! They are arranging it now. Thank god I have knowledge, I'm in the small % of ppl who may benefit from it as per UK trial. Let's hope it's not too late
  • @S.ava91 hi! Ofc ur welcome, just not sure if I will stay here.
  • MadDoda said:
    @S.ava91 hi! Ofc ur welcome, just not sure if I will stay here.
    I hope everything's okay with you
  • Time will tell
  • @MadDoda have you heard anymore what are they doing for you?
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