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Is this a miscarriage? *GRAPHIC PICTURES*

Hello all, I’ve never used this forum and have posted about this on one other forum but haven’t had any replies on there. So, I don’t know if this is an early miscarriage or a blood clot and I need some help from people who have seen very early miscarriages. I’m going to the doctor next week but I can’t stop thinking about this. 

Background... I just switched IUD’s 6-7 weeks ago to the hormonal one and have experienced some side effects but nothing crazy. I know I’m supposed to wait a week to have unprotected sex... but my husband and I didn’t use a condom one time a few days after I got it put in. I have a very irregular period already, hence my switch to the hormonal IUD, so I wasn’t surprised when I spotted off and on with cramps for the past 2 weeks and have had a light brown spotting this last week.

So fast forward to now... i just went to the restroom and saw this when I wiped. I was kinda shocked because it doesn’t look like a normal blood clot to me.

If anybody knows what this is, please let me know! I’m still shocked because I didn’t think I was pregnant but idk. TIA for any help!! 

Ps... I noticed some women said they soaked it and sometimes it’ll turn clear. Does it turning clear mean it’s a miscarriage or not? Lmk since i poured water on it but it didn’t turn clear. 


  • It’s not easy to know- it can just be your uterus lining shedding so it genuinely might not be a mc but there is a chance it could be. Looks more like shedding to me though but I am not a doctor.

    hope you’re 
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