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My Pregnancy Pillow

After so many sleepless nights I ordered possibly the biggest pillow on earth and it arrived today!! (Thanks to Saint Bertie by the way!) It is FANTASTIC! I thought it would be to big and would leave no room for oh but you actually lay on it and it moulds around you so plenty of room still for him in the bed. Totally recommend one if anyone is having trouble getting comfortable at night!

Have attached the link for it!

Thanks Saint Bertie you may have saved my life!

Tracey x x


  • I have the same pillow it is fantastic!! can't sleep without it now, it supports in all the right places !
  • Its amazing isn't it!!
  • what size bed do you have? cause you say there is still room for your other half
  • Can also be used as a nursing pillow, i will say one thing though, i think the lady laying on it is rather small and makes it look much bigger than it is...don't get me wrong it is large but not nearly as big as it looks and you kind of lay on it more than she is. It supports you in every area, its great for sitting up in bed with aswell. It would be perfect on a sun lounger in the summer also....I have every intension of using it for that lol!!
  • I dont think i'd care where my OH was sleeping as long as it meant i was comfy!!!! I'm def buying one. I'll use it for sleeping, then nursing, and sunbathing, and reading in bed, and as a comfy cushion for the kids when we're snuggling up to watch a film....The list is endless!
    Tracey i'm glad you're getting some sleep now! xx
  • Oh ok will do! Thanks Amanda!

    Had s great night sleep, however it moved a little during the night but there are sooo many comfortable ways of using it! I adore it!
  • I am waiting for my dream geeni pillow to arrive!! My OH treated me to it so he can get some sleep lol...I'm only 14 weeks but have a terrible back at the best of times and now just can't get comfy at all to sleep so I really hope this works!

  • what size bed do you have? cause you say there is still room for your other half

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