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I'm in the pregnant club OMG :-)

Hiya Ladies,

i got a BFP this morning i still can't quite believe it - the next step is to make a doctors appointment which i'll do this morning image

I think i'm going to tell my mum and my husbands mum and dad i got a BFP but ask them not to tell anybody else until we've been safely through our first scan - is that what you ladies did?




  • Congratulations on your BFP!

    We told my parents, hubbys mum and I told my best friends (the same girls I had as bridesmaids) and then we announced it properly after our 12 week scan! x
  • Congrats hun I told everyone as soon as I had confirmed it on a 2nd pregnancy test but OH told his family on the day I got my first faint BFp - we were both so excited we couldn't hold it in!


  • Congratulations!! image We told our parents a few days after we found out and then told the rest of the family after the 12 week scan, and some after the 20 week scan as i was sure something would go wrong,
    Hannah 27+5 xx
  • congrats. we told are family on the same day we found out as i can't keep a secret.

    best of luck for rest of ur pregnacy.

  • awww congrats huni!!! we told my mum straight away but didnt tell any1 else untill 11 week cudnt quite manage 2 stay quite till 12wk!doh!
    luv clare

  • Best Wishes and Congratulations.

    There was only my mum and dad to tell we were going to wait until the next day as it was my birthday and we were going to theirs for dinner but I could not wait so we surprised them the same day I found out and drove over and told them that afternoon, my mums face was a picture, she thought something was wrong especially as we turned up unannouced.

  • Hi
    We didn't tell anyone until after the first scan (14 weeks). It was lovely just ebing our special secret but it was nice when we told everyone too!
  • congratulations, we just told our mums and dads before the first scan. xxx
  • Hi,


    We told our parents and siblings after I had been to the doctor's (on Tuesday just past actually) but we're not telling anyone else yet. It was nice to have the secret for a couple of weeks, but I couldn't have kept it from them much longer!

  • Hi

    Congrats hun I am so pleased for you it is such an exciting time image

    I told my close family and Peters we just could not hold it in image

    K xx
    11 weeks
  • Hi Hun

    Congratulations!! We told our parents and sisters when we found out and then after 12 week scan told the world!!!

    Have a happy and healthy 9 months
  • Congrats to you! I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and the only people in the world that know are me,hubby and my best friend! But I've got my scan next Fri so can hopefully tell all then!! x
  • good luck ladies with your pregnancies - we told my mum and my husbands parents tonight and they were over the moon image it's such an amzing feeling!!
  • awww congrats hun i didnt tell any 1 i was to scared to till i was 3 months cos of my history i told my oh but didnt need to as he new b4 me lol xx
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