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PGD at 39

Hello, I have had two miscarriages and have been advised to start IVF. My partner has PAF a genetic condition. I found that we can have PGD. The thing is no one told me about this and came across it by chance. Guys has said they will try and get me a cycle. My local hospital I get the impression are saying about normal IVF. If the sense that PGD looses any good eggs that are effected. Im at the top if the age limit. Has anyone of a similar age had any experience pls. It sounds like your lucky to have one egg thats ok, me being older trying to work out if normal IVF will give me better chance to have a baby. And pray they are ok????x


  • Hi

    im 39 and had IVF and PGD abroad. I had 9 follicles at egg collection , 5 were successfully fertilised after biopsy PGD only 3 were good quality. We also wanted to balance our family so actually only one was the gender we wanted - we had one embryo transfer and I had a BFP two days ago. The only difference is I have had a child before naturally and only opted for IVF because I hadn’t conceived naturally after 6 months. We also found after tests that hubbys  sperm had issue so wanted it tested genetically and decided to throw in family balancing in the end too. 

    The better quality egg the more more chances of success I am told so again pgd process took out eggs that were not top quality  
  • @RajKx congratulations- that’s amazing news. 
    @Hopefloats I’ve no experience of this but it sounds like a really good option to give you the best chance. Have you spoken to the hospital about it? 

    I’m 39
  • Thanks ladies. As i am undecided I have spoken to the hospital a few times as time is an issue they have started the PGD route just incase. What I took from the appointment was - i could be loosing good eggs because they are effected. What is my priority I keep being asked a child or an unaffected child?? Also told that its lucky to have left one unaffected egg. And they keep saying about my age. Im 40 in August. My heads spinning!! Xx
  • Congratulations rajk xxx
  • Rajk. Can I ask what made you go abroad???x
  • Thanks ladies, feel very lucky.

    hopefloats- it’s a tricky one as I suppose with PGD it does reduce the number of embryos to transfer but it also gives you the best ones to transfer so more likely to result in pregnancy. The ones that are not genetically the best ones may not result in a pregnancy.

    Its a but unfair for the hospital to put you in a moral dilemma of child v  unaffected child. We all want healthy babies and if having the extra tests gives you the best possible chance of the transfer resulting in a pregnancy then why wouldn’t you want that.

    i was conscious of my diminishing reserves because of my age and hence decision to do IVF immediately but when I had my tests done I was told I had good amount of eggs for my age - have u been told how your egg reserves are? Could you have some of them tested for potential transfer and freeze any remaining ones without the tests I wonder? If there are no suitable after pgd then at least you have some frozen as potentials? 

    The biggest advantage of paying is no waiting waiting lists and moving quickly whether it’s in uk or abroad. I would have gone crazy waiting so long between appointments. We were lucky we had the finances to take the step straight away. 

  • Yes Hopefloat- we went abroad because we wanted it done quickly, most cost effective and the bonus was if we had the right quality eggs with pgd we could pick the gender. I also got time away where I didn’t need to worry between the treatment about cooking, cleaning, or work. I sat in the cloudy but warm cyprus weather with my book. If I was going to do it I wanted to focus on that only and felt I gave my body the best chance of succeeding. I’m sure the UK treatment are just as good and obviously much more reassuring as going abroad there were so many unknowns but my clinic were just so super! 
  • Its the egg quality bit im worried about. Debating whether to talk a chance on having a good egg or try normal Ivf. X
  • @RajKx my AMH is as expected for my age they said its 9 (i got worries when read about levels but said they werent worried) 🤷🏼‍♀️. What was yours???   I keep goin from one to the other. Im just worried that if I went for PGD and with the chances being low I may risk any further IVF working. I know a few people that have gone abroad after failed uk treatments and had success x
  • Yeah totally understand it’s a big decision, no crystal ball to know which will work out best.

    im sure Duniya give a free phone consultation- we had one after we had sent all our first set of test results for the dr to consider our protocol and we were able to ask questions. Maybe worth sending all your results and asking for a phone consultation and asking about the chances? We didn’t pay anything until we had arrived in Cyprus so we didn’t get charged for the consultation. 

  • Thanks for your help x
  • Hi, just wanting a bit of advice. We are yet to hear back from guys and at Thomas hospital to get our PGD treatment started. I have just had the news that all my bloods have come back ok and my partners sperm count is good so we have the go ahead as my partner has a skin condition therefore are granted the PGD treatment. However just wondered what the next stage is as my consultant has just explained we will need one more appointment in the PGDclinic and then it will be time to go down to guys to start the treatment. Any further information would be appreciated of people who have been in this experience before.

    Thanks in advance x
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