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Did I miscarry?

I was on birth control for 3 years, while in a relationship. When we broke up in October, I went off birth control and was no longer sexually active, however, in January I experienced a large brown sac-like clot come out of with a string. Did I miscarry? 


  • Did you have any period after october, in december and January for example? This looks like a miscarriage but hard to tell. 
  • @Jen54321 honestly i would show this pic to ur obgyn.....if u broke up in most thatd make u 3.5 months in jan bc they count from ur first day of ur last i think its unlikely for that to be a fetus bc its tooooo small.........but if it is a mc then u need to know how long its been there for???
  • It does look slightly like a tampon with a string that's been squished do you use them ? Any chance if one being lost on there ? It's hard to really see from the photo
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