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First Trimester Hell

OH (other half) gosh, I can’t explain to you all (that have joined in hating 1st Trimester) how much better I feel having found this thread. 

I’m 8 weeks, first baby, extremely happy about having the baby and have an incredibly supportive partner. BUT, I’ve actually hated these past 4 weeks. I feel as though I’ve been drugged with a sleeping pill and so many smells, foods, things or even people making me feel sick. I feel like I’ve almost lost my sociable, fun loving part of my personality and now I’m just a grumpy, sleepy, bitch who can’t do ANYTHING. 

People who I meet keep telling me “OH (other half) I had no nausea”... “I didn’t even know I was pregnant till 5 months” utter bs. I don’t know why women do this to each other, create a competitive nature in who can handle pregnancy the best. It has just made me feel like crying all the time and wishing and hoping for some honest, caring women. 

I’m the first in my close group of girls to be pregnant, and I feel a bit excluded and isolated. Just not what I expected when I became pregnant. 

Anyone else share my feelings of friends responses?


  • Hi, I was just thinking the same thing. I’m 6 weeks, this is my 4th and the all day nausea has hit me the last few days. I am also sleepy and grumpy. I was hoping I wouldn’t get sick this time but it’s no different from the other 3 pregnancies. I hate it when people tell me they had no sickness too 🙈

    My first pregnancy I was in a similar position to you and no friends who understood. Hopefully a few more weeks and you will be feeling a bit better with more energy  xx
  • @Tillie4 thank you for the reassurance! Wow, well on your 3rd must mean it’s worth it, I keep telling myself that. Clearly it’s unbelievable to have a baby, as people keep doing it! 

    When did you start to feel like you had more energy? I’ve read second trimester? 

    Sending you lots of positive healing vibes! 
  • Thanks @NewMamaB

    I’ve already got 3 this is baby number 4 🙈 I’m definitely done after this one though 😂 They are so worth it! 

    I normally start to feel gradually better from week 14/15 onwards, although I usually have some nausea throughout but massively improves. Does help talking to others who are in same situation xx
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