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How did you cope with a miscarriage?

Hello ladies,

i really don’t know where else to turn, I’m not usually the type to use these. I used this site to ask a question regarding my positive pregnancy test. I was paranoid that they were “evap lines”! Well they weren’t, I was pregnant and last week I lost the baby at 9 weeks.

I had a feeling something was wrong from the moment I got that first positive. I was having negatives and then another positive and so on, it was bizarre.

Last Tuesday I started bleeding and I instantly knew, dr confirmed and sent me for a scan to see if everything was coming away as it should, luckily my body handled it well and I didn’t need any intervention. 

As I’m typing this now, I still cannot believe ANY of this has happened. I suffered with infertility for years, lost 6 stone and me and my now fiancé got caught within a year of us being together. My ex got his new girlfriend pregnant so I instantly thought it was me who was the issue, and I was at peace with that as babies weren’t on the cards anyway. My fiancé is a touring musician and this year is going to be full of travelling. 

Found out I was pregnant, being paranoid but excited to then loosing it has totally messed with my head, and I can’t help but feel bitter towards other mums to be, which isn’t like me at all and I feel awful!! I’m getting better day by day, but my question is what did you do to make things easier? I just want to go back to being my normal happy self but this whole situation has traumatised me a little bit!! I just cannot believe it!



  •  <3 honestly its hard..... i just lost my baby on feb 3 and i couldnt believe it either........yet the minute i saw the blood i knew........i cried the wholeeeee way to the ER and the whole time we were there.....ive cried every night since then and sometimes at work husband says i have told him i want my baby while sleep talking :( but u just gotta wait for the bleed to stop get up and keep trying (if u do want a baby) my bleeding stopped and we got cleared by our dr that everything passed naturally n we were good to go and i just started BBT and OPK again <3 u gotta let it push u to become a better person to be more determined to reach ur goal of being a mom....

    im kinda in the same situation as u n my hubby have been unprotected for 6 years and we didnt think he could have kids bc he only has 1 testi but we started actively trying and tracking ov and the look on our faces that 5th month was priceless <3 but looking back i realize i was more relaxed less stressed and doing the best i could to keep my head on my goal

    we started a baby dream box.....its where u buy small things for ur future baby to keep hope and faith alive and to keep urself from giving up..........we try to put rules like 1 item a week gender neutral under $5 and the only exception is if theres something on clearance for an unbeatable price (like we found disney brand bibs for 50 cents)

    i know it doesnt seem like it now but it will get better .....i can tag u in a chat where we only talk about positive things and it makes ur day a lil brighter to see everyones positive things and be able to share urs.....its a group i made a few days after i lost my lil angel.............a lil ray of hope to.....after a mc ur fertility takes on a huge boost and stays that way for a few months <3 i would suggest taking prenatals too if u plan on trying again <3 hugs hun <3 better days will come <3
  • @Catlady220 I’ve just seen this now, thank you so much and that is a lovely idea ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • @Alexandra1234 yw my inbox is always open
  • @Alexandra1234 hi ,I would of been 10 weeks this week and can totally relate to you,I have had 2 miscarriages in 8 mths and I also cant believe it's happened to me and I want to know why etc ,I cant do anything about it so I'm trying to focus on the good things ,i have other children but I'm also very angry,sad ,upset and wondering what to do in the future. As much as it's on your mind try not to let it drag you down too much ,focus on other things in your life ,of course your sad upset but I refuse to let it consume my whole life .grieve and be strong also x
  • My first miscarriage was at 12 weeks, or I should have been 12 but baby had actually passed away at 9 and a half weeks.. it completely ruined me, I constantly took it out on my partner as I really wanted a baby at that time, and seeing the baby on the scan just made it worse as I had already fallen in love.. we were never planning to conceive but we did always say If it happened it happened and we would both support each other, it messed me up entirely, I locked myself away for a while and just didn’t wanna see or hear anyone being pregnant or having their babies.. I fell pregnant quite quickly after this miscarriage and here I am now 35 weeks pregnant with my rainbow princess ❤️ Good things do come to those who wait, I know it seems dark right now but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel ❤️
  • Hi so sorry to hear your news I lost my baby in January, I was the same I just knew something was wrong despite havin strong lines 5 times and scans 3 times the last scan at 6wks and 2 days showing the heartbeat I still wasn’t convinced and then started bleeding at 9wks and 3 days I was heartbroken xx
  • i wouldve been 9+2 today :(
  • I would have been 16+3 today 🥺 x
  • That's why I don't count. It's too depressing. Xx
  • Thank you all so much for your lovely words ♥️ Sorry for the late reply! My OH is currently in New York with his band, so I’ve taken this time to focus on myself while he’s over the water. 


    today I decided to take a random test that was in the drawer and it’s came up a very faint positive (AGAIN)
    I don’t even want to think about it right now as I’ve literally just got over everything! I’m due on today so maybe it’ll be a chem. Just when I started to feel “normal” this throws a spanner in the works! Ah well, not stressing, what will be will be and all that jazz 🙈🙈 will try again in a couple of days if it hasn’t come by then!! Not ready to go through this again!! Xxx
  • Just take it easy darling.. rest as much as u can for now, don’t take this result in until your mind is calm and settled x
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