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Help ... new momma and scared

Hello .. we found out we were pregnant on Feb 14th and have been in and got tested and had a clinic positive test and 3 positive test at home ... this past week I have spotting ... not a normal period but wasn’t light spotting . I’m scarred that I might have miscarriage but I’m not sure if it was just implantation bleeding which I’ve read is normal. I’ve stopped bleeding and have my first obgyn visit on the 23rd but that’s almost the entire month ... should I test in a few day to check if I’m still pregnant ... I scared cause this is our first and I don’t wanna think we lost it already :( 


  • Aw hun I had spotting with my first and second and I was stopped and I re did tests all the time because I was scared. If it makes you feel better and at ease theres no harm in it atall. If the bleeding gets heavy then go and see the doctor incase of anything scarey. Hope this helps x
  • We went to the doctor yesterday and did testing and we did in fact miscarriage :( 
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