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2 Failed IUI's + Endometrial Cyst + PCOS

Hello, I was diagnosed with PCOS and did 2 cycles of IUI which did not work. I took letrozole for those 2 cycles... and now my doctor tells me I have an endometrial cyst which lessens my chance of pregnancy to 4.6%. The cyst is small about 1 cm so the doctor said surgery is not necessary.

Have you guys had a endometrial cyst? I just need to know what my next step should be whether to continue IUI or go for IVF or do I take out the cyst?? I am really unsure now what I should do or just go straight to IVF already.

Any kind of help will be most appreciate.


  • Hi linus 869,

    i would say go straight to ivf. My consultant told me that IUI are no different than having sex.
    I have endometriomas on both ovaries.
    it depends how big they are and the thing is that if you want it removed then it means they will have to shave off some of the ovary with it which is not ideal if you want to prevent your fertility. with having endometriomas you want to do ivf sooner rather than later as it destroys your ovaries overtime( growing cysts are pressing on ovaries causing follicles to die off)

    you can conceive with endometriosis but it takes longer

    hope this helps xx
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