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  • @Lily211 all my mcs were early so there was no need to wait. I track ov with bbt so I always know when I ov and when to expect af. I ovulated 12 days after my first me and conceived my son. I took normal shop dose folio acid while ttc and always switch to prescription folic acid Max dose when pregnant, due to my thyroid issues. So I never took multivitamin I just got all bits I need separately. Now after two mcs in a short time I continued to take high dose prescription folic even while ttc coz I was worried it was getting used up and I continued doing that after lster consecutive mcs too as I was pregnant 5 times in 8 months. 
  • @Lily211 I’m sorry for you loss hunni. I can’t offer advice on that as had my four daughters before my 5 miscarriages 😔. We are all here if you need us hun. You will get your rainbow baby  💕😘xx

    @MadDoda I didn’t realise needed more folic acid when you have thyroid problem. Doctors have never told me I needed to be on higher dose cause of my underactive thyroid. 💕😘 what dose do you take hun? I might try upping mine. 
  • @Hayz85 I just got cheap folic acid from asda which is 400ug and take few of them a day, but u should get prescription from Dr for 5mg in pregnancy. Higher dose of levotyroxine  is a standard in pregnancy coz tsh norm is lower. I just take calcium with vit d, separately and folic acid, I used to take prescription iron after many mc bleeds. If u take Max dose folic u can't take multivitamin anymore coz it also has folic so dose gets too high.
  • @MadDoda thank you hunni I will try higher dose. They always test in pregnancy my thyroid levels and say if it needs upping or not . With others I went up to 175mg of thyroxine a day. 💕😘XX  
  • @Hayz85 Im so sorry for your losses. I find this forum to be a great place for support so do stick around xx

    @Littlepandacub Will be thinking of you on Friday xx

    @Lily211 I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and got pregnant six weeks later with my daughter who is now 13. Try not to worry but I understand it completely xx
  • @Hayz85 Im so sorry for your losses. I find this forum to be a great place for support so do stick around xx

    @Littlepandacub Will be thinking of you on Friday xx

    @Lily211 I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and got pregnant six weeks later with my daughter who is now 13. Try not to worry but I understand it completely xx
    thank you @Fairycakes88 ❤ 

    Thinking of you all xxx
  • @Fairycakes88 thank you hunni for your kind words. Is a lovely group and you have all been really supportive xx💕😘
  • @Hayz85 thanks hun <3
  • Hope you ladies are all okay. @Littlepandacub I have been thinking of you all day hun . Sending u big hugs xx💕😘
  • Thank you @Hayz85 that is really sweet. It was a long day but at home resting now, glad its finally over and i can try and look forward and hopefully try again. Were gonna pop to garden centre Monday and get a nice rose plant in a pot in memory of our lost baby xxx
  • @Littlepandacub. Bless you hunni. You was in everyone’s thoughts.  I’m Glad your home and resting. You will get your rainbow baby. 😘💕 I know you will. 
    Aww thats so sweet , a little rose bush in memory of your lost baby. Xx💕😘 I was thinking about getting a tattoo in memory of my lost bubs 😔 xx big hugs 
  • @Hayz85 thats a lovely idea, i did think about a tattoo. To top of my weekend my brother and sister in law just announced there expecting there first baby, im so happy for them but also so upset, i feel like such a horrible person, there baby is due 4 days before ours would of been, so im now going to have a reminder of the baby i lost forever, timing couldnt of been any worse 😥 xx
  • @Littlepandacub aww bless you hunni not good timing at all. good news for them thou , but I know how hard it will be for you.  A constant reminder. You will get your rainbow baby soon 😘💕 your be a brilliant auntie 🥰
    I keep seeing pregnant woman everywhere and getting really upset. Still bleeding. 😔With my other losses I didn’t bleed this long. Keep thinking ya it’s stopped then it starts again😭😔. Was so emotional as today a week ago was when I started bleeding heavier .😭😔 partner didn’t understand why I was crying and really emotional. Men just don’t get it. Thinking of you hun. Xx💕😘
  • i just wanted to see if anyone can relate or has a weird thing that they cant stand my hubby n bff always used to hug me with their hands on my tummy from behind or just be like "belly" and touch my tummy n now i hate it :( it reminds me of the fact that there is nothing in there :( and one time it made me even cry..........i just want to know that im not alone :( id be 13 weeks tomorrow and it gets harder everyday :(
  • @Catlady220 our minds are weird and wonderful and also painful and emotional. It will ease lovely, but it’s raw and it takes time.xxxx
  • Thanks for this thread ladies, I relate to you all and it really helps and supports me and I'm sure you all feel the same. I'm ttc again after 2 consecutive miscarriages...although I haven't gotten faith if I'm honest, why have I had two in 8 months ,one is bad luck two maybe something medically wrong and I think it may happen again, its a very nerve wracking thing to try again and not have much faith tbh x
  • @Catlady220 it's really tough, but it's still such early days for you. I think of my baby and where I would be in my pregnancy every single day. But I'm in a much better place emotionally now than when it first happened. Things will get better but you'll never be the same. Be kind to yourself and if you need to cry just cry! I hope your rainbow baby is on the way soon. @90schick I really feel for you. My miscarriage was devastating and the fear of it happening again is awful. I really hope your happy ending is just around the corner xx
  • @Mrs B 2010 thanks ,sorry for your loss also . It wasnt just the losses for me and coping through the emotional part but the 2and time round it was very scary as I bled so much so fast it went against the guidelines of how much you were supposed to be bleeding so I thought I was bleeding to death hemorrhaging possibly ,first size lumps were falling out into the toilet of tissue, so I called a ambulance, it was this side of it that was frightening etc so I think it was just traumatic for me. Nobody knows what our next try will bring so it's very scary xx
  • @90schick sometimes bad things happen a couple of times unfortunately but it’s not necessarily medical- I know it can be. I had 2 losses and then got my rainbow. There is hope I promise. I had zero faith after I lost my baby Jacob- I’d had such faith with him that I would hold him in my arms at the end of 9 months but it wasn’t meant to be.

     When I was pregnant again, I had zero faith it would work out and almost ignored the pregnancy for 11 weeks, apart from the odd couple of minutes when I saw their little heart beating away and it didn’t work out either.

    When I got pregnant with Matilda, I decided that it went wrong with faith, then without faith, so it didn’t seem to matter. I was an anxious mess for 9 months but I hoped more than anything I would get to keep her.

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is having no hope is awful and although you think it protects you from the pain, it doesn’t really! I decided that I was happiest with hope, however painful.

    I totally understand your reservations but I will have hope for you @90schick and @mrs b 2010, @Catlady220 and all you lovely ladies.
    i hope so much you get your rainbows 🌈 like I got
  • Thank you @EmJ3 xx
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