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Trying and not giving up! - Part 4

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Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Trying and Not Giving Up - Part 3 peeps, as the second thread has topped the maximum 1k post mark. 

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.


  • First!
  • Yeh @PinkSnow410 @Catlady220 it makes me so sad that we can’t experience it like others do.

    @PinkSnow410 oooo have you managed to see a midwife already?

    Well in uk, the government has just announced all pubs clubs and theatres will close
  • I haven't seen her in person, just zoom appointments (it's like Skype) 
    Yeah all of that is closed here in my state. 
    My Friend that got pg (the one I that wasn't trying and I was super wrecked about a few months back) didn't even consider a miscarriage as a possibility. She just saw her bfp and was like oh I'm pg and happily went along. 
  • Hey lovely ladies! Found you! 

    Have had a horrible day here and am suddenly feeling so overwhelmed with everything. 

    I’m good news, I have my laparoscopy booked for 9 April which is three weeks yesterday so I’m happy about that. Just hope it doesn’t get pushed back with everything that’s going on. Have to take a week off afterwards and actually it’ll be a quiet time at work to be able to do that so that’s also a positive. Means trying this next cycle is futile so another month off. But next month would have made a Christmas baby anyway so we’ve always ummed and ahhd at trying in April anyway (how is this the second time we’ve had to make a decision on that?!)

    I hope everyone is safe in these challenging times x
  • @RememberToBreathe I’m sorry you’re finding this so hard but small achievements matter, your appointment is great news, I hope they it doesn’t get cancelled 🤞. 

    @PinkSnow410 I can’t wait for you to be able to enjoy this. At how many weeks do you think you’ll be able to breathe a little better?

    ladies!!! My gym is closed! As @Aliciab90 said, we have those closures but they are also telling gyms and leisure centres to close! I’m gutted, just getting into my PT sessions and now they close 😫 @Emmy012 is yours closing? 
  • I'm so sorry your gyms and everything are closing. I know it's not the same, but there are a lot of online classes becoming available for free or discounted. Maybe you can utilize that to continue keeping up your progress? It's such a weird world right now. 😕

    @RememberToBreatheim so glad you got your appointment! That's the day before my birthday!  Yeah I've also ummmed and ahhhh at December birthday. I'd like to think things are just falling into place for the perfect situation for you. 

    @sr19 I don't know if there is a magic number to when I'll feel safe and excited. Part of me is just so afraid that the moment I accept this as reality and start to buy baby stuff, it'll be taken away. We are going to tell family at beginning of April. Then if I get to 12 weeks, we will tell everyone else. What's next for you? Has anything been put on hold with everything happening rn? I hope not
  • @PinkSnow410 yes I’ve seen lots of apps etc so hoping I can keep me ass motivated!🤞

    i get that, I think once you cross a point you will relax a lot more but definitely by time you get to 12 weeks I think the weight will lift massively. 

    so far far so good with my appointment. However it’s 2 weeks on Monday, so if we go into lockdown I think it’ll be cancelled. It’s only a consultation so I think for now it’s okay.  Really don’t want more set back!
    2 more pregnancy announcements on fb this week.. urgh! 
  • I don't think they would stop medical appointments, at least I truly hope not. Even in Italy people can still go to the doctors and the grocery stores. I hope it doesn't get cancelled so you can get the ball rolling and find out what's next @SR19 I can't wait to see your BFP ❤️
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    @PinkSnow410 they are cancelling all non urgent surgeries etc at the minute and doctors have closed for the time being. But I’m hoping a little consultation would be okay. 
    Thanks hun, you’ll all be the first to know, but it won’t be until earliest of the end of the year. You’ll be ready to pop by then 😬
  • Oh my goodness, these things take a long time. 😬 I don't know how you cope with it. Your patience, my goodness, you're a saint. I know it will be all worth it when you get your baby @SR19

    @Catlady220 so what's the word? Are you staying open? Beer distributors are staying open here, but I don't know what's going on in neighboring states. How are you doing? Have you made any decisions?
  • here u are guys <3

    @PinkSnow410 were still open for now :/ but the govorner threatened today the closing of all non essential buisnesses so i think its coming soon....and the first case was confirmed in my town AND my BILs assistant manager and wife are in quarentine waiting for tests to come back :/ so im still not entirely  sure still
  • @Catlady220 will your government do anything about helping to pay wages etc??

    my temp rose today ladies ☺️
  • Yay to temp rise @Aliciab90 that’s great news. Are you covered by BD? 

    DH and I are about to pop to Sainsbury’s to see what we can get for meals this week. Hoping we can get what we need. Want to try and make the most of WFH and actually having time to cook in the evening! Have decided to still take Tuesday off work - plans with my pregnant best friend have been cancelled but I figured I’d try and take the dog out into the countryside for the day. Weather is looking pretty good this week! 
  • @RememberToBreathe good luck in Sainsbury’s. If you’re happy with tinned tuna and the odd pot noodle you are fine 🤣🤣 if you want any sort of fresh meat or tins... think again 🙈 I finally got some beef mince in coop yesterday after looking everywhere! But I’m cooking for my mum tomorrow and that’ll be gone! Shop wouldn’t let me have more than 1 pack! 

    it’s all getting so crappy isn’t it! We got a letter from Work yday saying basically if you are at the top of the chain at my place you are allowed to work from home to help with childcare, if you aren’t at the top or don’t have kids.. tough. Talk about being punished for not having kids (and taking on a sucky easy job)😞! 
    @Catlady220 id have a google and see what you can find about help from government.  
    Ours is a little hard to understand atm, mixed messages. But I do know a few things, Mortgage lenders are letting people have ‘mortgage holidays’ the same applies for some councils allowing council tax holidays. Etc. Any help is better than nothing if you are worrying how you’ll manage hun. 
  • We did well @SR19 - our Sainsbury’s was decimated last week but has a decent about of stuff now. No pasta or rice or baked beans but we got lots of veg and enough stuff to make some tomato / bean / veg cassoulet style stuff. We don’t eat meat and there’s not so much restriction on veg which is good for us! Popped into our local Spar on the way home and managed to get four cans of baked beans. As we are both WFH next week, we actually need to think about lunches! 

    That seems like a really unfair approach at your work. That’s so sad. My firm is being great, basically advising to WFH unless you want to come in and have couriered dictation pedals to all our secretaries so they can do so too. Our office managers are still in the building but I don’t know whether that will change over the next few weeks. This is such a new situation, I expect everyone will muddle through it differently x
  • @Catlady220 we already closed all non-essential here in PA but beer distributors are considered essential here 🤷 go figure... I guess they don't want people murdering bc they are out of alcohol 😱🤣 They had closed liquor stores but now they are opened back up. I personally think they realized they wouldn't have the hospital space to deal with the alcohol withdrawal people. 

    The USA gov. will offer unemployment for almost everyone who gets forced out of work, but it's not equal to what you were making. However most things are suspending bills or interest. There are relief packages going out soon too. It's not great, but they are doing something for the people at least. Our healthcare system needs a ton of work. I hope this crisis leads to change in that, and a living wage for all. The poor grocery workers and restaurant employees are paid so poorly yet they are now essential employees. I hope it's a wake up call to many that think those are not "real jobs" or good enough to deserve a living wage.  Ok sorry ladies. End rant lol

    @Aliciab90 temp rise?? How much? Can I see? Ahhh I think it happened!! Woohoo! Talk about the longest cycle in history!! And I believe you covered with BD, right? Ahhh fingers crossed.

    @RememberToBreathe oh I'm so glad you found some groceries! It's been mad here. I don't understand who's hoarding all the food? 🤔 I don't think I knew you were a vegetarian! That's wonderful! You go girl!!! I'm glad you can wfh!!

    @sr19 I'm so sorry you're forced to go to work. that's not cool. 

    My temp dropped a little this morning so I'm nervous what that means. It's still as high as when I got my first squinter but it had risen a couple days ago and now it's back down. I can't find anything about bbt charts and pregnancy besides the getting pg chart. I feel like I'm in uncharted territory and I have no idea what anything means. 😬 But I feel pretty relaxed still. I just have this feeling it's not going to stick, so I'm preparing for that. 
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    @RememberToBreathe oh Yey! That’s good! People clearly have no more room at home so store anything else 🙈 

    thanks Hun, that’s me tho! I’m a secretary so I’m in the same boat as your secretaries but then don’t think it’s possible we work from home! Like you say, I need a pedal and the software on my home computer. That’s it! It’s such a rap company, they are just using it to lord over that us bottom of the chain people have no choice 🙄. Apparently it’s ‘safer’ and ‘more hygenic’ to be at work because some peoples houses aren’t as clean 🤣. 

    @PinkSnow410 our countries are usually very different but in this situation is sounds like everyone is doing the same. Because no one knows what to do! My personal opinion is the quicker they lockdown and control it all the better. Currently everyone is on edge, stock piling, kids are off, panicking about bills... just stop (almost) everything and control it now not in 2 weeks time when numbers of the infected have tripled. 🙈

    its good to prepare yourself for all outcomes but maybe it’s worth not temping? Let your body do your thing 😘
  • @PinkSnow410 Stop temping, temp in pregnancy is unpredictable x

  • @r@RememberToBreathe yes I’m covered ☺️ Day before! It’s my favourite day for BD because both times I got PG was that day

    @p@PinkSnow410 here is my chart 

    ignore the marked ovulation - FF is confused, it should be CD81
    also because it’s so long, I cropped it otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see much 😅
    I have had EWCM today again, so I’m hoping it doesn’t mean anything....

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