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Mothercare Spin

Hi girls. Ive just been to mothercare and was about to put the rest of my money towards the new Silvercross 3D skyline (red and grey) when I had a change of mind..mainly due to the reviews you ladies put on here and have went for the new Spin. Have any of you bought it or are thinking about getting it? im getting to that stage where I am doubting EVRYTHING!!!


  • Hi Princess.
    Me and my stepdaughter went looking at prams the other day and came across the spin in mothercare. We thought it was fab but the only couplf of problems we found were...1 that it didnt seem to be very big in the puschair mode so not exactly sure how much use an older baby would get out of it and 2. It only comes in the silver/grey colour at mothercare but then I did see a lady with one the other day in Red so maybe you could shop around and get it in another colour. Overall though I think it is a fab pram x
  • I think the red one is the My3 which looks really similar. I must admit I wasnt a fan of the silver myself at first, but I liked the way it folded down to almost nothing. I think by the time my baby is bigger knowing me ill want a new stroller!!! What pram did you decide on? xx
  • I thought id seen it in red too in the Mothercare shop.. I thought it looked gorgeous, good choice x
  • Princess 87 I was just going to say by the time the baby is a toddler you'll probably want a stroller anyway!
  • I decided to go for more of a traditional pram I managed to get a silvercross sleepover with all the accessories apart from the changing bag from off ebay for ??150 it is only 5 months old so like new. It is still on the silvercross website for ??530!!!
    I think if you like the spin then you should go for it as like you said when bump is a little older you will maybe want a stroller.
    It is a fab pram x
  • I think ive seen the sleepover range...does it come in the vintage? I think the carseat in vintage is absolutley gorgeous! I think well all want a new pram next year as lets face it girls...any excuse to go shopping!!!
  • Got it. Love it. From the minute i saw it i was detemined to have it. It arrived on its release date and my hubby and i have had great fun with it. The spin option is brilliant....makes so much sense. Its easy to use and i think the silver is super funky. Can't wait to put little one in it and wander around town with it.

    I was going to have the silve cross linearl freeway, and still think Silver cross is a good option....but i am in love with my Spin.



  • Hiya - we looked at the mothercare Spin and were quite keen on it. The only thing that put us off was that the car seat which fitted to the chassis did not come with a base and we needed a base as our seat belts are too short to secure a normal car seat without one. We went for the My4 in the end but still like it ! s X
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