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Interracial issues

Hi everyone,

Very new here but I hope that I will find some helpful advice.
I am Anthony, 23.

Like many couples, my parents divorced few years ago.
Since few months, my mom is currently dating a new man and she completely changed in so many positive aspects. She regained the confidence and self-esteem that she used to lose after her divorce. My mom is white Caucasian and her partner is black Afro-Carribean. 
Since the beginning of this year, my sister also started a new relationship with a young man of black ethnicity.
Now the issue is that since then, my father decided to completely stop talking to my sister. My parents don't talk to each other anymore but that happened since their separation. Obviously, my dad didn't like my mom's new partner either. 
Anyone has experienced anything similar?
Is there any chance that my dad can talk again to my sister? 
As per myself, I am the only one who is still talking to him but my situation is a bit difficult. 

Thank you.


  • I have not experienced this, but I have been in situations where family have had issues with each other.

    Unfortunately you cant change your fathers views. He needs to male those decisions himself. Maybe he will come round with time, maybe he wont. As long as your dad does not force you to take sides keep up your relationship. Try not to get too involved with one side or they other but be positive about your sister. I know it can be hard stuck in the middle but you have to let him make his choices and you yourself make yours. 

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