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Caffeine thoughts

Hi all ,want your opinion on caffeine whilst ttc and when pregnant....obviously women who have had losses will understand being carefull etc after miscarriages, I know they say no more than two etc I was having only one the last two times I was pregnant ended in losses....I'm probably being too over cautious but with good reason ,some people say none at all ........


  •  I'm 7 months pregnant I dont drink any coffee throughout my pregnancy but I'm not a coffee or tea drinker anyway. You can stick to decaffeinated as well
  • I am a huge tea drinker and usually have two teabags in a cup but I switched to caffeine free teabags ! Still using them now on the odd occasion I fancy a coffee I have a normal 1 which isn't often! I like to save my caffeine intake for when I know I want a chocolate bar! The cafine free tea is alright if you get a decent brand ! 
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