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We love a name everyone else hates.

I preparing have a daughter coming up this August, and we have been having trouble picking out the perfect name for her. There is this name me and my husband both like, but everyone else cant help to not show dislike for it. The name is... Clem. Like at the beginning of “Clementine”. For some reason it just stuck with me, and the more we say it the more natural it sounds. Clem means many things, like “light” and “airy”. Her middle name would probably be Elizabeth, something a little more traditional that We think would work well. What are your thoughts on the name Clem? Is it that horrible? My husband even called her “Clemmie” the other day. Isnt that cute? What should we do!


  • I love Clem and Clementine, so i would stop telling people what you're thinking of naming your baby and just do as you please - it's not anyone else's business! Clem is very pretty. I learned not to share baby names esp with my mum as she just poo pooed all of them! 
  • I think its lovely. Screw other people. I remember when I was a teenager sharing my secret favourite future baby name with a friend. It was Evie (back before it became so popular) She laughed at me and said it sounded like someone making a wierd noise (!?) I remember that put me off for a while.. and look how popular the name is now.
  • @maddyswicord did you call your baby Clem?xx
  • A wonderful choosen name I hope you stuck with it 💖
  • clementime is beautiful! 
  • That's a lovely name, I hope you went for it :)
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