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Anyone had 3 miscarriages?

edited Apr 16, 2020 9:30AM in Miscarriage & pregnancy loss
Has anyone here had 3 the heart beat come and the next check up...heart beat stops???


  • I had many mcs, but I never got that far. I'm sorry for ur losses.
  • I had a pregnancy where I went or my 6-week ultrasound and a strong heartbeat. Then an 8 week ultrasound and heartbeat. Then went in for my 11-week appointment, they did an ultrasound because they couldn't find heartbeat on doppler, the ultrasound confirmed baby's heart stopped beating. I am going through another miscarriage now, so that's two in a row. From what I read you can have two or three miscarriages and go on to have a healthy pregnancy
  • @Jenn536 I feel for you. I hope you’re ok. Sorry for your losses. I lost a baby at 21 weeks and then had the exact same as you, heartbeat at 6 weeks, 8 and a half weeks, then 11 weeks, it had gone.
    I’ve had a gorgeous baby girl now so I lost 2 babies than went on to have a successful
  • @Fathima271 so sorry for your loses. It’s heartbreaking isn’t it. Fingers crossed you get your rainbow 🌈 xxx
  • Hi

    Sorry for your losses, it's heartbreaking isn't it.

    I had a partial molar pregnancy (12 week scan showed baby had died at 9.5 weeks, then followed an ERPC and 9 months of testing), then had 5+4 spontaneous miscarriage followed by a healthy baby. Had another healthy baby, another 5+4 spontaneous miscarriage, then on Monday went for my 12 week scan to find baby has died at just over 8 weeks. Going in for the ERPC on Friday.

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