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Kicks in Lady Parts and Bum... Anyone else??

Anyone else experienced or experiencing it at all? I get this everyday now!!!


26 + 1 xx


  • I would feel bubs head moving about in lady parts, but only in last week or so. But have been feeling hiccups in my bum at times which is a very strange feeling.

    Jayne 35+1
  • I too get regularly kicked/punched/headbutted in my lady parts and bum - I try and get him back by doing my pelvic floor exercises there and then! image

    Jana 31+2 with blue bump! x
  • I do!! It was all I seemed to get until about 30 weeks but now I get movement all over. Hiccups are always down there though!! Xx 33+4
  • oh yes all the time i think baby needs to be told this isn't how you actually get out as it feels like that is what its trying to do (39+2)
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