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Pregnancy loss at six weeks



  • Sending you love ❤️ this is really hard to go through, but you are not alone
  • Oh bless him, that’s not a good part of any job ☹️.  Especially when you see them as friends. 

    I’ll keep trying to think of ideas 🙈. Topiary just came to mind 🤣

    there isn’t much paperwork left to do, I spend most of my days in the garden. How did the front garden go? X
  • HopefulMom28 Thank you, means alot! Definitely not alone, bonus!! lol
  • VRob123 Have the turkey eggs hatched yet? We have been looking out of our conservatory windows at the birds on our bird feeders. They are greedy little buggers, but it's the little things things at the moment that us bringing great joy! One of the birds took some food and fed her fully grown baby, who was sat on the fence. Think I got a bit too excited! lol 

    The front garden is now done and I have a new phone arriving today, so a working camera! Hopefully send some photos.

    How's everything with you? 
  • Hi! Not yet, hopefully around Friday they should start. I’ve been rearranging our bedroom furniture today. I know husband probably won’t be happy but I figured pushing furniture was fine. Now laying on the bed feeling bubba wiggle, hungry but can’t be bothered to move. Wondering what a 4yr old can make me 🤣. 

    It’s so nice watching the birds, I feel like there are so many more about at the moment x 
  • VRob123 I shall look forward to Friday then!! lol When is your baby due, do you know what you're having? My niece (Also four) can pour herself water from the fridge, but I think if you are going to ask for anything, it should be icecream or chocolate really!! lol 

    I've named the starling family of birds the Waltons. I call the baby bird John Boy!! lol I can't tell them apart, but they all seem to have different personalities, John Boy is quite bossy and needy. He can feed himself, but his mother is still feeding him too!! Then some are bullyish, bossy and there are the push overs. Three of them are now fighting, it's pretty violent!! lol xx
  • Due the 11th of Sept to a little boy. My daughter made me a salad bless her, ripped up lettuce, spinach and mayo in a Tupperware box 🤣. 

    Oh I love that you’ve named them! Starlings always squabble 🙈. We have about 6 who go through the lawn of an evening x
  • Turkeys are starting to hatch 🦃 
  • That's my birthday, how weird!! You're daughter clearly thinks that you are rabbit!! lol 

    How exciting about the turkies!! Are you going to keep them as pets or are they intended for Christmas? xx
  • Sorry that you are having such a hard time @Lottie82.
    I have a fab bunch of friends but they have decided motherhood isnt for them so sometimes talking to them anything child related is impossible. 
    My mam was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018 when I was pregnant with my little girl just days before my honeymoon, it was a difficult time. I pretty much became her carer but sadly lost her when my daughter was ten weeks old. 
    Hope you are having a good day today xx
  • Lottie82Lottie82 Regular
    edited May 21, 2020 2:10PM
    LouTTC83 Thank you for your kind words! I wish I had a fab group of girly friends but when people find out you have aspergers and bipolar, they don't want to be your friend anymore!!

    I made a new friend recently, but when I text her with my problems, it took her ages to reply. When she did reply, all she texted was, I'm hormonal and I'll pray for you. About a week later I got a much nicer text. But telling your friend who has just had a miscarriage, that you're hormonal, isn't great!! She literally knows nothing of being hormonal!! lol When I did see her face to face, she told me that she thought I'd lost my baby, because I was stressed. Plus, I shouldn't really be trying for a baby, due to the virus going round!!

    So I'm either too fussy when it comes to friends or I'm a homing beacon for these types of people!! lol I'm starting to worry!! lol 

    I'm sorry to hear about mam. How did you cope, if you don't mind me asking? I think it's amazing that you became her carer. Must have been hard with a new born baby, you sound so strong! 
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