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Is anyone having a hypnobirth or considering it?

I have seen it on the TV the other night and thought it could be an option, just wanted to know ppl's thoughts/opinons/experiences etc before I look into it more its about ??300 for the course and Im already booked on private NCT antenatal classes, so just want to know if its worth the extra ????

Thanks x


  • I am trained as an hypnotherapist but dont practice at present but can highly recommend hypnobirthing.

    In labour fear plays a huge part in increasing pain and slowing down labour. Using even basic hypno/relaxation techniques to help in breathing and listening to your body will help you cope much better with the process. If you go full on into hypnobirthing you will learn how to listen completely to your body and be in tune with it, zone out any outside distractions and focus on the amazing experience of giving birth. Anyone I know who has done it had an amazing birth experience and would do it again. It doesn't necessarily make it a painless process but far easier to cope with and very intense.

    Hth xx
  • This is something i am really interested in this time around. I had a horrible first birth experience which i believe contributed/caused my PND. I have ordered a book (with cd) from amazon just this morning.

    We can't afford to be paying lots of money out for classes, do you think a book and cd will be enough? I'm desperate for it to be a better experience second time around x
  • Hi Laura

    Obviously classes are the best way to learn techniques but they are very expensive, I couldn't afford them! A book and cd will at least give you the basics and will still have a really positive impact I'm sure, the mind is a very powerful thing xx
  • That's fab to hear image Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to the postie bringing my goodies now image xx
  • G/C My sister went on a hypno birth course as she was terrified of labour. She said she cannot rate this enough. She said she was calm and in control throughout the labour and the hospital couldn't believe how quiet she was! x x
  • I have done the hypnobirthing course and thought it was brilliant but the class near me was only ??99! I feel completely different about labour this time round and have learnt some brilliant relaxation techniques that I can use in everyday life as well eg not loosing my temper with the kids! image
    The book and CD are very good so if you can't do the classes you still have all the info. I'm now 38 weeks so I'll let you know soon if it works out!
  • A friend is really rather evangelical about hypnobirthing and as a gift has bought me the book and CD and is trying desperately hard to get me to go on a course - but an additional ??300 on top of my already booked NCT classes is too much.
    I listened to the CD today for the first time, tried the relaxation techniques and fell asleep - not sure if that's good or bad!
    Quite a lot of the book makes sense, but I'm not too keen on the very american / hippy feel about it. I'm not too into all the visualisation - can't really take the idea of the 'baby dancing down the birth canal' too seriously! I think I intend to learn the techniques to help me relax and calm myself once in labour, but probably not go the whole hog with the course.
  • i am really interested in this!
    im only 16 weeks so havnt looked into it yet so dont know how much it is in my area, but if not will def buy the book and dvd!
  • I am doing the classes and I can't recommend it hightly enough, make sure you get a Mongan trained practicioner though, you can find one local to you through
    I have spoken to lots of people who have done the course and so far have not found any negative feedback xx
  • I did the course for my first birth last year and it was the reason I changed from being so fearful about giving birth to then planning and going through with a drug free waterbirth at home! So I rate it highly, so much so that I went on to train as a practitioner and I became addicted to watching natural births on Home and Health after my son was born when I breastfed him! I would NEVER have been able to watch that without having done that course!

    I decided against going on any other antenatal classes such as NCT as I personally felt it would go against the hypnobirthing and introduce fear factors. My instructor agreed that it wasnt necessary and after giving birth I can say I got everything I needed from my hypno course.
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