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Fancy testing Bacofoil Zipper Bags? £300 Amazon voucher up for grabs! Sign up here!



  • Would love to test these! How handy for a big family!!
  • Hi, 
    Please consider me to be a product tester for Bacofoil Zipper bags. 
    Thank you Laura 🙂
  • Would love to try these as I am always looking for the best ways to store my ingredients when I prep my meals for the week ahead or do some batch cooking.
  • I would love the chance to try this would be amazing x 💖
  • Id love to try them, I’m furloughed until the birth of my baby so got lots of time to prep and cook foods 😀
  • I would love to try these and give you an open and honest review of them
  • I’d absolutely love to test these please! I love to freeze home made sauces and my kids favorites as it’s of great help during my hospital appointments x
  • Testing 2 boxes of bacofoil zipperbags would be absolutely fantastic! Their all rounder nature would help me loads as a busy neat freak mum to a 6 month old  - I could stick snacks in the bacofoil zipperbags for me and the baby ( technically I'm meant to be on a diet so should be zipping my mouth shut but its all good ); disinfectant wipes ( for wiping grubby hands ), little toys and much much more! The fact that they are reusable means I'll also be doing my bit for the environment whilst meeting my own needs and I'd quite happily share my experiences with my followers on twitter/insta/facebook so this would be a great task for me! 
  • Would love to test these as they look good for packed lunches and freezing veg from the garden
  • I would like to test please
  • Yes please! I’d love to test these! Would be fantastic! 
  • Yes would love to be a tester!
  • I would love to test these as now my daughter has returned to nursery her food needs to be put into bags and it would be handy to find ones that can last the day . Also having to provide fruit for the week for all the children to share. 
  • I’d love to test these bags. I batch bake a lot for our family of four so it would be really useful to try them out so we could buy them in the future if we like them. 
  • These bags look really good I would to test these and give my opinion.
  • I would like to be considered to be a tester please! We use these type of bags often but usually supermarkets own so would be interested to see how a big brand compares.
  • I'd love to try them out.
  • Hi! I would be happy to test these Bacofoil bags. I am a mum of two. My kids and I enjoy making lots of crafts which these would actually be very handy for. Also we have become top chefs (at home :) ) during the lockdown and there would definitely be many occasions where these zipbags would be useful. 
  • I love the fact that these can be washed and reused, I use so many zipper bags so would love to help test and review these to see what they’re like
  • im interested in testing these :) 
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