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Disagreement over baby name, chosen by partners mum

Rain21Rain21 New
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My son is 2 months old and me and his dad had picked a name for him befote he was born. After the delivery baby's dad found out that his mum was due to undergo a serious heart operation. He messaged me when I was still at the hospital to say that his mum will choose our son's name but, since I liked the name we had picked, we can keep it as his 2nd name. To say I was upset and angry is an understatement. I did, however give it a chance thinking that I might eventually like her choice. I hated it with a passion. So, as it stands, we agreed to keep the original name as his first, mum's choice as his second. The problem is that my partner and his family use the second name to address my son. I thought I might get used to it but the truth is I hate it. On days like today, when I feel down, itirritates me so much that I just want to leave the room so that I don't have to listen to it. I just wanted to gather your thoughts and get some advice. Has any other mum been in a similar situation?


  • Hey didn't want to read and run, 
    I would be absolutely fuming, so incredibly angry good on you for giving it a go, but you have to talk to your husband and tell him how your feeling. He's your child not hers (she had her chance naming her own children) and you can't spend the rest of your life with a name you didn't choose and that you hate, it's time your husband stands up for you and your family and sees how miserable it's making you. If you dont do it now you'll still be in the same place 2/5/10 years down the line. 
    Good luck try and keep your head and keep smiling xx
  • Awww he’s your son and they should call him the name you picked. You need to speak to your partner and ask for some support with this. Explain how much it upsets you. 
    Good luck!xxx
  • My first born got a name chosen by my husband’s sister. His whole family were giving suggestions. N my hubby didn’t even care to mention it wasn’t his own pick. I had also picked a name n my choice became the second name. If my side of family hadn’t interferred then I think my son would have had one name (of my choice, as I picked an international name, easy for everyone to say, n his side of family were picking for their nationallity). First year ppl kept bugging me whoever tried to call him his first name. 11 yrs fast forward - everyone calls him by his second name 😁👍🏼. So be patient ❤️. I know how annoyed you are. With my second child I already smartly gave ideas even for their national name and with 3rd I picked both names 😁. And I somehow started loving the name that my husband’s sister picked - I just started accepting and seeing it as a part of my son 😊.
  • Mariaismyname thank you for your reply. I gathered from your message that your hubby's nationality is different from your own which coincides with my situation. This as well has caused issues as, like you, I tried to pick an international name. Let's hope it finally sticks and maybe eventually I will start loving the name my other half's mum picked, exactly like you. Many thanks - your message has cheered me up ❤
  • Ther is no way id let my partners family choose my sons name ! I find that very rude tbh x
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