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Due in February 2021 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in February 2021 birth club, as the first thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @Memz89x I'm sure it will be fine this time around but I completely understand how you are feeling! How far along will you be on Wednesday? 

    I'm hoping to book ours this week to go next week but I'm waiting until we make it through week 6 so will hopefully book at the weekend! 
  • Ah I really hope so! I feel like my boobs aren’t as swollen but the past couple of days I’ve felt so ill like watery mouthed and can hardly stomach anything. Usually I snack to feel better but I’ve been really struggling so much so that after putting L down last night I went straight to sleep 😟hoping this is a good sign and in a few weeks I will have a good scan and stop feeling rubbish! 

    I’m not sure of my dates but I got my first positive on a Sunday and 3+ 9 days later on a Tuesday so I’m dating roughly by the Monday which would make me 8+2 on Wed all going well. When did you all get your 3+ on CB if you did them? I’ve been obsessively googling trying to have a rough idea of where I am😂
  • @Butsie185 sorry posted too quickly 😂 so are you hoping to be about 7 weeks or so when you have a scan? You will make it through week 6!
  • @Memz89x I never got a 3+ on a clear blue 🤷‍♀️ But I had a scan at just gone 8 weeks and everything was fine. I don’t think they’re very accurate unfortunately xx
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    @Coconutfoxx welcome to the group. Hope all is going well for you.

    @Memz89x : I had got my 3+ on Clearblue when I was 4w+4 days. I was almost 3 weeks since conception. Actually my cycles are short and according to opk I had also ovulated earlier (around CD 10).
    This week range is based on HCG threshold. I had réad on Clearblue's website. That's why sometimes 3+  appears later for some people  even if they have reached 3+weeks since conception, if the threshold HCG is yet not reached
  • Thanks girls. I wish I’d written down when I got it with L but I suppose every pregnancy is different anyway. I kind of have in my head that I must be somewhere between 7.5 & 8.5 weeks but not sure exactly where. From what I’ve read on different forums there’s been a few people getting 3+ before 4 weeks and a few nearer to 6 but most people seem to get it around 5+1/5+2. 
    The hardest thing for me is obviously with last pregnancy I knew my dates so knew when something was wrong (baby was 11 days out) whereas this time round I probably wouldn’t know! Will just have to be hopefully and wait and see! 
  • Sorry I meant a few before 5 weeks and a few nearer to 6 
  • Ironically every other month pre-MMC I tracked ovulation and DTD on my Ovia app. Of course this time round I have no scooby as wasn’t expecting it to happen at all! 
  • @Memz89x I didn't bother with the CB at 3 weeks as I having blood tests with the doctors. 

    Next Friday I will be 7+6 so hoping that I will be far enough onlong to have a good scan and hoping that I can have it abdominal. 

    I'm keeping an eye on the scan place every day to make sure it doesn't get too booked up.
  • @Memz89x I think it can vary a lot. I had hcg bloods which showed +18,000, but still got 2-3 so who knows! Hopefully they can give you an idea of dates at your scan 😊 x
  • Are you going private for a scan @Butsie185? I went at 8wk 1 day and was a Transvaginal scan, the place I went don’t do abdominal until 10+ weeks x
  • @summer1287 yeah I’m sure it shows quicker in blood than in urine! Fingers crossed!

    @Butsie185 I was the same I didn’t want to jump the gun and book too early in case something happened but then I’d also told my boss that I have an appointment on Wednesday so didn’t want to then change my day coz we are just going back to work. She knew I was pregnant last time round and I will more than likely tell her after this scan but don’t want to beforehand. 
    Aw yeah you should’ve fine for abdominal- with L I was 7+5 at private scan and could clearly see little jelly bean with arm and leg buds moving about and nice heartbeat!
  • @Summer1287 that's really good to know thanks! I haven't booked it yet as I'm waiting till the weekend but I may call them first to see if they can offer both. 

  • Yeah, hopefully like @Memz89x said, you can have it done abdominally 🤞🏻 X
  • I got my 3+ at 5+2 they are a nightmare though. With my done it went back down from 3 to 2-3 then back up within a few hours so I don’t really trust them. 

    I’m now on my 3rs lot of antisickness tablets and it’s getting really tiering now. 
    I know I’m so so lucky to be having baby just wish I didn’t feel quite so unwell this time. I’ve just had a 2.5 hour nap with my son after he was at nursery this morning as well. Xx  
  • so the appointment went really well...i like the dr a lot hes so nice......he said everything seemed fine we just have to wait for labs to come back....pap was good and all the other examining on my body he said was good....he said the fact that im so nausous is a good sign bc most women that lose the baby arent.....he said he has good faith in it staying.........and he prescribed nausea scan will be the 20th when im 9+3
  • Oh @Mummy246 I really feel for you. Having kids is exhausting let alone having such sickness. 
    I packed the girls up and took them to my parents caravan on the coast this afternoon just to get out of the house. They are much easier work when we are out for the day. Got a photo of the 3 of us and I’ve just noticed my eldest is holding onto my stomach- it’s as if she knows. We havnt said anything to her but she doesn’t miss much so wondering if she has some idea.
    was going to try and wait to 20 week scan to tell them. What is everyone else doing that has other kids? 

    @Memz89x  I’m the same as you and have no idea about conception date. My first pregnancy test was a clear blue and it said 2-3 weeks so going by that but I know how u reliable they can be so who knows haha. 2.5 weeks left until dating scan so not long to wait now 
  • That's really good news @Catlady220 do you feel a bit more reassured now? 

    @MrsRodgers416 we haven't decided yet in terms of the kids. My eldest 2 are 10 and 12 (step kids) and they know about the 2 miscarriages as there were at home when they happened so won't be surprised when we tell them. My Son is 4 and has no idea what's going on but knows I've been poorly recently. 

    I want to hold out as long as possible to tell them, but not sure how long I'll be able to hide it for as I'm soooooooo bloated.
  • I have a 7 year old son and won’t be telling him until I ‘have’ to- IE when family and friends know cos I don’t want him to hear it from anyone else. But hoping to get as far along as possible before that! 2 main reasons really-
    1) The ‘just in case’ scenario 
    2) 9 months is a very long time to wait so if I can get a good way through it won’t seem like such a wait for him!
    Scan in 4 days- I’m excited but more nervous. Symptoms are still V strong so hoping it all points to good news.
    Good luck for other scans this week ladies x

  • For any of the UK mums who were looking at the Chicco its on offer in Lidl at the moment! 
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