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  • @Memz89x Thankyou!! Have a lovely day and I’ll look forward to hearing your good news later 😊 I’m excited/nervous too!! xx
  • Good luck @Summer1287 and @Memz89x will be thinking of you both and can't wait to hear your good news! 
  • AyeeshaB he was saying that it can be symptom of a blighted ovum. I have already had a scan and seen baby and a lovely heartbeat so I know its not that but it just makes me worry that something’s gone wrong as I was nevt this unwell with my other 3. 
    I think I’m being silly and need to chill really xx
  • I will be consultant led due to Boeing induce at 37 weeks. I won’t meet the consultant until closer to 20 weeks. 

    Got my scan tonight and so nervous. Anyone fit any tips on energy? I’m seriously running on fumes today. 
    Can you have barrocca wake pregnant? I googled and it says there’s no harm but I’m not sure. Xx 
  • @Mummy246 I’m not sure about berocca. I think in itself it’s probably ok, but if you’re also taking pregnancy vitamins you might end up overloading on some. I think you can take too many of some vitamins but I’m not 100%

    I am 8+4 now and definitely struggling with energy and some nausea. I didn’t have nausea before but I just feel like I’m always on the edge of feeling sicky. The only time I don’t feel a bit eurgh is when I’m eating 😂 doesn’t bode well!
  • @GG18 this is me too I’m constantly eating 🙈. I told my self when i found out i was pregnant I wouldn’t let this happen this time 😂 but I can’t help my self xx 
  • Haha I know how you feel @Mummy246 I’m constantly thinking about what I’m eating next! I have something to make me feel better and then a little while after I don’t like it sitting there and need something else 😂🙈
  • morning ladies.......feeling yucky today and woke up twice last night to pee..... tired ....gonna b a longgggggggg day at work
  • Baby was moving around lots, and everything is perfect ❤️
  • What are your dates @Summer1287? Glad all is OK. 
    Finally registered today. Got told it will be a phone appt about an hour long and then will get told 12 wk scan appt details. But still only me allowed to the scan. 
  • 10 weeks xxx
  • @summer1287 amazing glad everything went well 😁
  • @Summer1287 wow really clear. Was that your first scan? 
  • Post withdrawn
  • Aw amazing @Summer1287 ! So glad all is well with your little bean 😊 the first photo I got looked similar to yours but that’s not the one she gave us 😂

    The main thing is that baby is in the right place with a great week and I was pretty much spot on with my dates baby is measuring 8+3. So the first day I felt funny and did he ovulation test I must’ve been bang on 4 weeks. Weird eh! I’m so chuffed. I was so surprised when I actually saw the baby I was like wow there’s actually a baby in there after all! I think with having 1 healthy child and 2 losses the sad thing is that it becomes more norm to have a negative outcome. Hopefully our little rainbow is strong❤️
  • Great heartbeat even!
  • Congrats @Memz89x what a relief for you. Hopefully you can relax a little and start to enjoy this amazing time x
  • @Summer1287 and @Memz89x
    Happy to see your scans and babies are growing as expected. 

    @Memz89x, last Thursday when I  had mine, it was similar (at 8+2), but in a different direction. Mine is more towards left :)

    Meanwhile, I only had a respite from sickness yesterday, when I was in fact so hungry all day. But today the sickness is back with the bang, and again I feel crappy 😔 I am already 9+1 today.. Hoping for it to go soon. 
  • Oooooo lovely scan pics! I’m sure your both over the moon to see ur wee babas! 
    Just over 2 weeks wait to mine- I Cannot wait! 
    Hunger is starting to creep in with me- and a big sweet tooth in the evenings. Trying to stay strong but know I’ll soon cave. I had a McDonalds breakfast before work this morning 🙈🙈
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