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Am I in labour?

Hi everyone, I’m 41 weeks and for the past couple of days I’ve been having really extreme ‘lightening’ pains down below. I can’t sit down for long as it becomes unbearable so I have to stand up but the pains are still there when I stand up. I’ve had lightening pains for around a month now but nothing this severe! 

There’s been 5 occasions now where I’ve stood up and cried in pain and had to hunch over and wait until the pain passes. The pain feels like something massive being shoved up my vagina and also have a lot of pressure to go to the toilet and poo! I never end up having a poo though just feels like I need to go! Not having any cramps in my belly but I am having low backache. 

I had a midwife appointment a couple days ago but she told me the baby wasn’t engaged so couldn’t do a sweep so I’m guessing it’s not labour yet? Has anybody else had this or any idea on what it could be?


  • It sounds like baby may have now dropped / engaged so is pressing on nerves. Not much longer hopefully 
  • Oh I hope so! I had what I thought were contractions last night and timed them every 10 minutes for a couple of hours but managed to fall asleep and they disappeared! Hopefully it’s the start of something. 
  • I have delivered my baby girl 2 weeks ago. And I was 42 weeks pregnant. From my personal experience my early labour signs included bloody show which lasted for about 2 to 3 days until I started getting contractions. They were inconsistent and also were about 10 min apart and afterwards stopped. In total I been contracting for about 3 days until contractions became frequent and were 3 min apart then I went to hospital and been told I'm 7to8cm and after 4 hours I delivered my baby girl naturally without any painkillers. If you can manage contractions for as long as you can at home it will be beneficial all the luck to you. I think u definitely not far from meeting your lil one.
  • Oh wow no pain killers! Congrats! And thank you, I hope it won’t be long! 
  • Oh wow no pain killers! Congrats! And thank you, I hope it won’t be long! 
    Well I was just lucky to have high pain threshold it was my first baby so I didn't expect any of these! For starters I never thought I'd go 2 weeks overdue lol... yes  its not long left for you as you started contracting it might be tonight and might be in about 2 days x
  • You’re very lucky you have a high pain threshold! I’ve been having some contractions for a couple of hours now, they’re either 9 or 10 or 11 minutes apart there’s no consistency with them though. But at least something is definitely happening! X
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