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PLEASE HELP :( I don’t know if I’m miscarrying

I posted earlier this morning trying to understand if I’m having an MC or not, I called my doc to let him know what was happening and told me it’s fairly normal to be bleeding and still have a healthy born baby but it’s been a couple hours since my first post and when went to the bathroom I saw this. I’ve only managed to make an appointment for Friday due to this whole COVID-19 situation. I start light bleeding a week ago and experienced unbearable cramps but no clots or tissue until today. This is what I got. I was supposedly 5-6 weeks pregnant and I’m totally freaking out right now and shaking with fear. 


  • I wish I could say something positive but that doesn't look good. I've had quite a few miscarriages and passing tissue with blood like that usually indicates a loss. I'm so sorry. I wish you much luck and hope all is well. X
  • Hey sweet. 
    Unfortunately that doesn't look good at all. It looks like a clot. 
    I came onto the post as I like to reassure bleeding in pregnancies.
    I myself am now 13wks and bleed at 4wks and 8wks aswel as had pink discharge when I strained pushing a stool out. I had to wear a pad at he 8wk bleed but it was no where near as bad as yours hun.
    If you keep bleeding like that do not wait until for our appt. Go A&E. Bcuz clots can severley cause damage if something goes wrong. 
    I hope I'm wrong but t looks like a MC beaut 💕
    Small change you damaged your mucus plug. But it the pain is on one side go to A&E to rule out eptopic pregnancies. 
    Blessed be.
  • aw i really hope the best for you but but doesn’t look good :( due to the clots you’re having I would definitely go to a&e to get checked out x 
  • Hi ladies. Thank you so much for you feedback. I passed an even bigger clot that that one the other day. Unfortunately I did miscarry and I think what I passed the other day was the gestational sac. It’s really traumatizing. Thank you so much for your responses and support 
  • So sorry this happened to you its a truly awful experience sending positive vibes your way
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