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Wondering what could be wrong with me

I have always had regular periods they have never been heavy but always the same until my last period which was july 30...The first day all I did was spot and the second day more spotting and just very little bit of bleeding...I usually full up 2 pads but this time I barely filled up half a pad..Then after my period was over a few days later I peed a lot the next day..Then the next day I would pee then feel like I have to pee again a few minutes later but of course I didn't..Then the next day I started having period like cramps but not as bad so I figured i had a uti but it came back negative..That stopped after about 3 days and then came the dizziness and getting nauseous once and awhile and having twinges in my stomach and a couple sharp sharp pains I took a pregnancy test and it was negative..That was last Wednesday and since then my nipples have become so sore mainly when I take my bra off at night and then suddenly I get these hunger pains so bad its like I havent ate anything for days..I just feel so much like the tests are wrong and I am pregnant but some people are telling me since I'm 42 it's the start of menopause...And  my doctor told me to wait to see if my period is irregular again then she will examine me....Has anyone have this happen please help..


  • It’s hard to say without you having a blood test. It could be menopause, it could be you didn’t ovulate last cycle so you only had a mini period. Didn’t want to read & run, hope you get some idea what you’re body is doing soon x 
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