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Anyone who’s had a miscarriage and fell pregnant after? Advice!

Hey! So literally did a test this morning, got a positive test. 
im just so nervous already, i’ll have a mC again.
What did people do to relax their minds and that? I’ll ring doctors tomorrow and that!


  • Hi @lily211 I'm 10 weeks now after 2 miscarriages,  there is nothing you can do except think as positive as you are able to and take one day at a time and not really think about it that much x
  • Thank you! Ah congrats! Did you book an early scan? X
  • @Lily211 hi , yes I was offered a reassurance scan at 7 weeks ,some dont do them if you have had one miscarriage.  Thanks you too ,its absolutely normal to be nervous after going through any loss x
  • So the doctors said due to everything going on, appointments are all over the place to stop people being in the doctors for so long. Got my first appointment 14th of september and im going to have a look at booking private scan before that! Any advice? X 
  • @lily211 hi , i only was offered one because I've had 2 in a row , otherwise yes if I wer you I would book a private scan x
  • Perfect. Thank you.
    Did any of you not get many symptoms at all? 
    i’m just so petrified xx
  • @lily211 symptoms of what sorry ?? . Im tryin 2 b quite chilled but am still scared , I had a bleed at 5 weeks june 2019 miscarriage and again a missed miscarriage in Feb this year . I had a early scan at 6 weeks exactly with this one now and saw the heartbeat which was such a  relief but I'm 10 weeks now have my scan in a few weeks and am nervous x
  • Symptoms via pregnancy. 
    Yeah i guess it’s normal to feel nervous either way really isn’t it. 
    I have a scan booked in Monday, when i’ll be 6 weeks i believe. 
  • @Lily211 very sore breasts , tired sometimes the usual really x
  • I had a miscarriage in November. I am now 15 weeks pregnant :-) I think it will always be  very nerve wracking when you've had a loss unfortunately.  Best thing you can do is try and relax which I know is very difficult!! X
  • Okay thank you so much.
    I just am worrying something is wrong all the time and i’ll get to the scan and be heartbroken again 
    I need to start thinking positive! Xx
  • Hello, 

    I had 2 early MCs before I fell pregnant this time. I am 37 weeks this week. I didn't want a private scan but lots of people have them for reassurance. 
    In terms of symptoms, I had sore boobs at the start but that was it really. Try not to worry if you don't feel much, it isn't always the case x
  • I join the boat here. I had an early miscarriage in January 2018 but got pregnant again in May of the same year. Ended up with a healthy pregnancy (my son is 18 months)I  but couldn't stop worrying until 12 weeks scan ( I even cried when I realised he was alive). Had a private scan at 7 weeks but it only reassured me for a few hours.

     I got a BFP last week and I am already a nervous wreck. I was also after tips but sadly we got to accept that there is nothing we can do (apart from trying to be as healthy as we can). We have to take each day as it comes. Trust me I find it hard to convince myself about that too! Worrying won't help our little peanuts. Are you working? If not try to read books, cook, garden...anything to take your mind off it. Good luck! 
  • Yeah i am working. I work in a nursery with babies 👶🏼 haha
    so it’s constantly on my mind.
    I just need to try and relax, i’ve got a scan on monday so my fingers are crossed.
    last time i went to the scan it was the 12 weeks one and got told i had a miscarriage! Just so scared x
  • So i had a mc in feb and fell pregnant in biggest advice is try ur best to relax.......i worried my entire first trimester instead of enjoying now 14+2 and the baby is doing dr just kept reassuring me that its not likely to mc again and telling me unless you are in pain or bleeding then you are more than likely ok
  • Thank you.
    I had a early scan today, i thought i was further than i was.
    They think i’m early so couldn’t see anything as of yet. However she said she can tell an egg has been realised and i’ve just ovulated and says everything looks good just early. have been booked in again for 2 weeks time so fingers crossed!
    I am trying to just relax and switch of from googling everything! Xx 
  • yea i had my first scan at 8+2 and i wasnt allowed to hear the heart beat was small but i could make out head body n feet dr also has realllyyyyy good machines
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