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Could I be pregnant?

So, I haven't had a period since the beginning of April. I've tested once a month since then,  and it keeps coming back negative. Different tests too. 
But I'm experiencing severe nausea, especially with certain smells. I have thrown up on occasion when out in the car, I have really bad heartburn, I'm experiencing flutters in my stomach, although anytime I ask my partner if he can feel it, he puts it down to a pulse in my stomach 🙄 I'm off my usual favourite foods and I don't know what to think. 
The doctors are trying to fob me off because of the covid situation so I can't get in for blood tests, I'm ready for trying to book a private scan somewhere just to see if that shows up anything.  
Has anyone experienced this before ? 


  • Wow! I just joined, feels like home already.
  • My period was dued on Monday 7, but then I saw it on Tuesday, lighter than my normal period, bright red in color and more painful than my usual period. I'm still on and the pain comes on and off, what could be happening, anybody felt like this B4?
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