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Can anyone help meee

Jrichardson21Jrichardson21 Regular
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So last week on the 6th I went for a very early scan (6 weeks pregnant according to my last period) my last period was the 25th July and I ovulated around the 8th August I had my scan using a external ultrasound which I found odd because I thought it was internal she said she couldn’t see anything as the sac only measured 6.3mm and she said that measured around 4.5 to 5 weeks not 6 but when I zoomed in or even brightened the picture I could see little white dots im curious if anyone else can see too? My midwife looked at the brightened pics and said it was a baby 

This is with the picture brightened


  • That certainly does look like a teeny tiny yolk sac and fetal pole. Only time will tell. I had a scan at 6 weeks externally and the sac and contents were bigger than this and clearly visible. Maybe your dates are out. Another scan in a week will show progression and hopefully put you at ease. It's hard waiting though. Good luck. X
  • Hi @Victoriajayne I’m going back tomorrow which will be a week since this scan I’m hoping to see a progression it’s worrying seen as though I’ve had 2 miscarriages before so this is my third pregnancy 🙈 x
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