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Morning sickness

Hey ladies! 
I am 12 weeks pregnant, and suffering with nausea. All day every day!!! 
I'm just wondering has anyone tried the anti sickness wrist band (for travel and pregnancy sickness)


  • I did, they didn't really help me. Well, maybe they eased it a bit I don't know, but most of the time I still felt v sick! That doesn't mean they won't work for you though, anything is worth a try! I also tried the nausea spray from 'my expert midwife' and that made it even worse! Mostly mine is fixed by toast with peanut butter :) and not letting myself get to a point where I'm really hungry. I'm 15.5 weeks and it's got a lot better, mainly struggling in the evenings now.
  • Unfortunately, I tried the sea sickness bands and they didn't help me. I didn't find anything to help with my morning sickness really. I had a really extreme 24/7 nausea from weeks 6-14, it was horrible.

    I'd recommend trying *everything* that you can find online that says it could help cause you don't know what might help you.

    I'd also recommend speaking to your doctor if you're struggling. I always thought I just needed to get on with it and not complain (especially as I wasn't actually being sick). But if I ever have another pregnancy, and if I feel as nauseous as I did then I will definitely be going to speak to my doctor about trying medicine.
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