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Just to give hope to any of you who are suffering from bleeding. I have been bleeding constantly since 5 weeks pregnant ( I am now 11 weeks pregnant). Yesterday I went for a scan and the baby is fine. It was jumping around all over the place, sucking its hand and had a really strong heart beat.
The last 6 weeks have been hell for me. Not knowing if I was pregnant or I was going to lose it. However I haven't bled for 48 hours now and hopfully the problem is over.
I spent the last 6 weeks more or less constantly at home doing as least as possible. So I will rest for a couple of days more then I have to catch up on all the housework and go shopping as the cupboards are bare.
So if you are in the same position know that there can be a happy ending and just take it easy. Goodluck


  • I am so pleased, I have read a few of your posts and can't imagine how you have got through the last few weeks, I have had some bleeding and I am a nervous wreck, so this must have been hell for you.

    I wish you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!
    C xx
  • Thanks very much and all the best to you too. I wanted to say something as I know that when there is something wrong with the pregnancy you feel so alone. Just hearing from other people in the same boat makes you realise you are not the only one and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I agree, its good to get reassurance although it is very worrying when it happens. I bled at 25 weeks in my pregnancy which was very worrying. You always here of bleeding in the 1st trimester but nothing this late. I never got an answer as to why I had the bleed but baby is fine and im now 1 day overdue waiting for him to make his entrance! I think if you do bleed try not to panic too much and relax! If you do have pains or have any worrying signs then visit your hospital. But soo many women experience it and turns out to be nothing!

    Sam 40+1 x
  • Sorry for delay in replying. The dr says reason for bleeding may be due to a low lying placenta. Aparently at 12 weeks the uterus gets bigger and the placenta moves up so bleeding should stop. But I get the feeling they don't really know for sure.
  • Hi Greek Baby, I too have had bleeding since about 5 weeks and it is very worrying! It was almost every day, and on/off. I had two positive scans at 6 and 9 weeks, and I'm now 12 (yay!). I'm going to the doctors tonight because I had a bit of blood last week but it is generally easing off and I feel a tiny bit positive. Hope everything goes okay for you - good luck! xxxx
  • im 17 weeks and since feb 7, 2 weeks and two days, i bleed daily. my doctor told me i have uti and it is a normal pregnancy infction of the bladder. i wish it would stop, but its not. doc said dont worry, but i do. does anyone have any good uti stories. im terrified, but hanging in there. drinking lots of water and on pelvic rest.  i have my next appt in 2 weeks. i hope its gone. i cant wait to have my baby!!!!!!!!image

  • I Have just found out that I'm pregnant have started bleeding I had my 9th mc in sept. terrified of having another one cos they won't let me have more if I have any more as im so high risk im not in any pain tho I have had the odd cramping or aching feeling but nothing compared to before.. I dont know if im just off with the fairies but I swear Im still pregnant still extremely Hungery aswell. Can anyone think of any reasons this may be happening as my Dr's are incompetent.
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