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Really worried!!

:\(My pregnancy wasn't planned, so when I first found out we weren't really sure what to do. I began taking pregnacare vitamins from the day after I found out (about 4 weeks). We went through lots of ups and downs and didn't plan to keep the baby. I sometimes kept taking my vitamins anyway - just incase we changed our minds but more than half the time I didn't bother - trying to completely ignore the fact I was pregnant and not get attached. I think at one point I went about a week without taking any, probably when I was about 7 or 8 weeks. Sometimes I drink lots of orange juice and have some fruit but my diet hasn't been that great.

Then I had a scan at 9 weeks as I had an infection and after seeing the baby, we both changed our minds and decided to keep it.

Now I'm really worried about the possibility of spina bifida. I've reeady that taking folic acid cuts your chances by up to 70%. I don't know anyone else who has been pregnant and not took folic acid in those important few weeks.


  • I am a very forgetful person and in my first two pregnancies forgot to take my folic acid a lot. I did feel worried at first but try not to- at the end of the day worrying won't change anything. Both of my babies were fine.

    I'm sure the chances are still quite slim- look at how often you hear of people finding out really late or even when ther about to give birth.

    As I say try not to worry
  • I have heard that unless you take folic acid from since you were trying to conceive, then it doesn't make a difference as the neural tube develops at around 3/4 weeks pregnant, when most women don't even know they are expecting!

    Spina bifida is extremely rare whether you take folic acid or not, so I wouldn't worry. I forgot to take mine sometimes too and I haven't got a brilliant diet, but I'm not too worried. Hope all's well in your pregnancy. xxxxx
  • Plrease dont worry! Just think - our mums werent advised to take folic acid and we're ok! Im sure when I had my 1st son 14 years ago there was noone telling me to take folic acid for the 1st 12 weeks.
  • I wouldn't worry... I didn't plan my first pregnancy and I didn't take any folic acid or pregnancy vitamins - I just couldn't afford them at the time and I was very niave about folic acid - I also had a lousy diet for the first couple of months before I found out I was pregnant (including too many parties with too much alcohol).... My son is now nearly 16 and very healthy and intelligent.

    I really wouldn't worry about it (easier said than done I know) - you have decided to keep the baby so now you can make the effort to eat more healthily (I really should take my own advice!!).

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x
  • hello, sorry to hear of the rollercoaster of emotions you ahve been through. We weren't planning a baby but also weren't doing everything we could to prevent having one so we knew I could fall pregnant. As a result I was taking the recommended folic acid 3 months before concieving etc. I started taking them at around 6 weeks and am now 10wks. I still sometimes forget to take them. Chances of spina bifida are slim, but its like anything that has been researched they like to advice you to take. some mothers go overboard and taking loads of vits etc when lots of it can be found in your diet. You hear more children these days being diagnoised with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) than you do with spina bifida. My husband made an interesting comment the other day and was wondering whether mothers who go mad about having to take folic acids and vitamins could be linked with children get ADHD. I don't actually know what causes children to get ADHD but the numebr of children who have it a=has definately increased since when I was a child. Sorry for going off on a tangent there!Out of all the people I know and have met including working in a hospital, I have only ever come across 2 people with spina bifida. xxx
  • Thanks so much for all your replies. It's put my mind at rest quite a lot. It's just everyone else I'd spoken too had been taking them without fail and it got me really worried. Of well, it's my triple test in 4 weeks anyway so I'll soon find out.

    Thanks again.

    Cheese. xx
  • the way i look at it is that yes i forget the folic acid tabs but women in the past didn't take theem so forgetting some aint gonna do much harm image
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