i feel so stupid

i went to a restaurant for tea with my husband and i ordered chilli con carne cos i really fancied it, but then she came over a few minutes later and told me they didn't have any!! i felt like bursting into tears but i just hid my head in the menu so they couldn't see as i had tears in my eyes i felt so stupid i wouldn't normally cry over such a stupid thing!! i guess i am at the emotionally stage!! xxx


  • awwwww huni, bless ya! i was the same last fri because sayers had run out of iced buns!!! bloody emotions!!!
  • i have started to cry over anythin lol,
    i cry watchin corrie or eastenders and cryed last week when the dog wouldnt get in the house after beeing told time and time again by me but as soon as my 3 yr old daughter told the dog to get in, it came straight in lol, i got really upset i felt like a right wollie after lol.


  • I sobbed my heart out at Forrest Gump last night....Its about the 5th time I've seen it!!!! OH had tears in his eyes also, but they were from laughing at me!!! lol....

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • My oh spent ages in the kitchen making a healthy meal with loads of veg but I couldn't eat it because he'd put garlic in something. When I said that I really wanted some ice cream instead he went straight to the freezer to find some. (Of course I welled up that he hadn't got annoyed about the effort he'd gone to with the meal.) When he found the ice cream and handed it to me I spotted that it was out of date, I stood in the middle of the kitchen and sobbed!! Over bloody ice cream!!

    The panic on my husband's and sister's faces was amazing until I managed to hiccup 'its out of date' in between sobs. They both fell about laughing at me then. Thank god I was in my own kitchen and not in a restaurant or something.
  • in my last pregnancy, before we got our combi boiler. i'd try and run a bath, if there was no hot water cos other half had used it all i'd sit on the side of the bath and sob uncontrollably lol. i feel silly looking back but thats pregnancy
  • I am not so much crying but get very annoyed with certain programes. Like the baby borrowers!!God that did drive me up a wall. The immaturity of the lot of them. And they thought they were ready for kids.

    Bloody hell!!!After a while my bf thought I was goign to chuck the remote into the telly. We decided not to watch it in the end. I do feeling stupid about it though....
  • I have the Flu and cried heartly yesterday actually sobbed, because I'm not well... normally I'd take it in my stride but felt so sorry for my self! (felt a very big deal at the time!) Mum is a retired nurse but was so worried by my reaction (normally just get on with things..) she though I was far more ill than I actually was (althought to me at the time it was a valid reaction!) and asked if she should call the doctor or if I wanted to go to the hospital!

    Today, I am like yeah your ill but your okay what was that about? lol
  • I go from crying to loosing my temper. I have had arguments with 3 supermarkets in the local area because they have overcharged me. Normally I would just let it go. Last night I was in tears because I am a lecturer and half the class had copied their assignment from the internet and I was so sad that they had such little respect for their lesson. I felt better though when I gave them all 0% and told them to do it again.

    Regarding food I get anything I want because they say in Greece that if you ask for something to eat when you are pregnant and you don't get it your baby is born with a birth mark in the place that you have touched. So my OH and MIL insist on going miles to get whatever I ask for.

  • I feel like I'm on the emotional rollercoaster from hell at the moment....

    I sobbed and I mean sobbed at a film I watched with my 4 years old yesterday called firehouse dog...a COMEDY about a dog who becomes a mascot for a fire station, to put this in perspective it poo's in a beef casserole!!!!!!!!

    I burst into tears last night because hubby said he has to attend a commitee meeting once a month to which my reply was....but we're having a baby and burst into tears...poor hubby looked like a confused rabbit caught in the headlights...

    hormones have a lot to answer for!!!!!!

  • God help us all tonight when we watch Veras funeral in Corrie lol.
  • i cried in somerfield and threw a proper tantrum last week cos they didnt have haagen das ice cream, my oh just drove us to blockbusters where he knew they sold it!
    he has laughed about this for a week now cos to men its silly but we all go through it babe
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